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A True Lamplighter Moment. Christian Broadcasters [RBN] VCY AMERICA ,Jimmy Swaggart’s Son Life Scam etc. : Pseudo-Christian Crime Families Fleecing the Gullible,Deceiving the Church.

May 28, 2015

My Christian People: The deadliest serpent is not the one you can see dangling from a tree branch but the one slithering through the high grass  ,the one you can’t see. Christian Broadcasters are a specie of slick and deadly serpents taking advantage of the incredibly naïve and easy to fool Christian Community, unable to understand the dangers of falling  under their  deceptions ;and becoming victimized by the incredible frauds they routinely present to the listening audience.

Rejoice Radio[RBN] and those they sponsor in Milwaukee ,the VCY AMERICA Network, are two out of many hundreds if not thousands of deliberately cunning Broadcast outfits that have become fabulously wealthy, thanks to the abject stupidity of the stay at home church community.

All of these high-tech scam outfits are good at what they do ,or they wouldn’t last long in this highly competitive arena of pseudo-Christian religion fraud. RBN and VCY AMERICA are probably two of the best around and qualify as “Snakes in the Grass” for their highly talented and convincing presentations they put over on the poorly educated bible-belt pigeons.

The greatest deception they can possibly make is that they are a bona fide Christian ministry worthy of your financial support. This is obviously a BIG LIE .What true ministry encourages those in the Christian Community   to donate their money ; to further increase the financial standing of the wealthiest among us , I would like to know?

The RBN” snake in the ; grass” is doing exactly that ; pretending to be a listener supported station in desperate need of your cash to stay on the air. Of course this is all a sham and a clever con job . … The future of RBN depends  primarily on the good graces of well-heeled investors who use RBN as their personal [ not for profit] financial institution, uniquely designed to

to help facilitate every corrupted money laundering scheme  under the cover provided by a faith-based organization. The type which benefits from all the legal advantages accruing to charities and churches ; as well as hospitals and schools run as non-profit organizations. WOW! What a demonic plan to use the saving Gospel of Christ to make an easy financial killing ;by using the jerks in the respective audiences of these flim flam artists to help them pull it off. !

To put it in perspective; who can forget the slander and shame produced by the degenerates running the P.T.L. Club ,hosted by the notorious boyish looking Jim Bakker…. Well Jim is back in town ,up to his old tricks ,deceiving and taking advantage of this nation’s dumbest. But how did this schmuck get back on television? The simple answer is that it took the interest of big cash investors who saw a come back potential to Jim Bakker and another go at being a highly successful televangelist con artist. And so the vultures put up the cash and bank rolled him for a second time. How else does anyone think a scumbag like Bakker could get out of prison and back into action on television without the help of big money interests ,willing to invest or to speculate on a proven money-grubbing little bastard like Jim Bakker   and in his ability to produce the cash flow ,needed to satisfy the demands for  easy returns on investment that only a televangelist scumbag can produce.

These very same type of vulture investors also bankroll organizations such as RBN and VCY AMERICA. The desperate calls for financial support you hear on a daily basis are nothing but calls for the needed confirmations   , obtained primarily  to draw investors into the scam. The idea that a radio station actually has listeners stupid enough to  believe the scams they listen to and are willing to actually send in their hard cash to them , is all the proof these vultures need to know and see ,to convince them that here’s an investment which will pay off handsomely well into the future. And so the money miraculously appears and is quickly deposited into the coffers of RBN or VCY America And that’s how all the clever  sounding jokers you hear on RBN ; clowns like Craig Mattson and Dr. Joel Mullinex ,Rhonda Autry among others get paid. And boy, do these characters get paid well. The approximate amounts these vultures draw is in the mid to high six digit figures ;all thanks to the incredible stupidity of their audience.

And it’s not that Craig and Autry are not talented characters; both of these frauds are accomplished actors and they play their roles well on the RBN network ,to provide a veneer of authenticity and religiosity to the grand plan to cheat and swindle the public.

There’s no denying that Craig Mattson is the voice of RBN . He’s the main character ,totally engaged and is usually heard throughout the day’s programing. But Craig has an interesting role which should not be downplayed. Craig Mattson serves the same purpose as the attractive window whore sitting with her legs crossed on the ledge of the front picture window of an Amsterdam brothel. And just as the whore’s job is to attract pedestrians to enter in ,Craig’s job is to attract all those scanning the Christian radio dial and to interest them long enough to catch a donation and to spend “some time with RBN “; and hopefully ,a good deal of money visiting the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK ;not in Amsterdam but in  another sex-sin capital: Pensacola ,Florida, USA!

. The visitor to the Amsterdam bordello [usually an American tourist] soon realizes he’s been tricked. The working ladies inside are usually Indonesian nightmare looking gals or from wherever else the Dutch colonial flag was raised. And so alternately  ,Craig provides an attractive intro. into the world of Christian broadcasting; but sooner or later, the ugliness of this operation becomes self-evident…. The lies ,the trickery , the mass deceptions heard on a daily basis on RBN , all serve to turn what originally appeared as an attractive destination in Christian listening, into a highly priced ,investor supported scam.

RBN is a business and a lucrative one at  that . And one that uses subtle extortionist techniques to rip off the public and to convince their audience that it is a great blessing, with eternal rewards ,to give money and extra good will cash love offerings ,to support the financial well being of a ruthless and callous gang of super rich pseudo-Christian scam artists! UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE!

Dear Reader ,all of the many personalities you have become acquainted with on the RBN network are incredibly rich ,and all have made their money in less than honorable ways. All of them ,and this is especially true of Craig Mattson ,Jimmy Mintz,the REFLECTIVE GUY, Dr. Joel Mullinex and the gal whose specialty is to hit them hard for cash and run with it before you know what hit you ; the vivacious Rhonda Autry ,are all experts in cultivating their respective fields of fraud and major on the air swindle. All of these filthy scumbags are good in cultivating the field of incredibly gullible listeners and in spreading their fertilizer of lies and deceptions. And not to benefit the field but to gather in a greater yield of hard cash ,with which to continue living their lifestyles of the rich and famous.

All of the money they bring in is based on false pretenses ;that they are ‘Listener Supported’.
This is just one of the many lies these vultures use to extract huge amounts of cash from all the idiots in their listening audience. The money they receive is biblically unlawful ,sinful and immoral and should be returned to those in the audience that donated the cash.

RETURN THE MONEY YOU RECEIVED UNDER THE FALSE AND LYING PRETENSE OF BEING LISTENER SUPPORTED! Return the cash you filthy vultures have been stealing from the naïve and gullible audience that you jokers have been swindling for decades! And do it right away! You scum!
Return the money Craig!
You Mr. Mattson and Jimmy and Dr. Joel have been tricking and lying   your way into the wallets and checkbooks of your hayseed audience for far too long and now is a good time to give the money BACK!

My Christian People: Remember the claims made by Jimmy Swaggart, pleading for funds to be immediately sent into his criminal organization for the children’s fund ,he was hoping to aid and feed all the destitute children of the world? My Dear Christian people, There never was a children’s fund ,it was all a cruel swindle he used to get even more than the half million a day , he was already getting from all the jerks in his phony radio and television ministry that believed him.
Remember Kevin’s house ,to be built for all the challenged and unwanted children in America to come and live rent free? Kevin, now middle age, roams whatever is left of the great PTL theme park ,still looking for someone to show him some kindness. And Jimmy used all the additional cash from the CHILDREN’S FUND scam to buy two more Lincoln convertibles ;one for himself to cruise the back alleys of New Orleans and one for his wife.
In most of these cases of pseudo Christian religion fraud and deception via the airwaves ,it seems the swindle is generational in that the torch of trickery is passed on to the next generation.
We see that with the evil son Donny is the case of the Swaggarts and Jim Bakker’s son is also working the scam ,and so it goes. One crime family breeds another.

And so, the Vic Eliason crime family has been able to use the radio airwaves, which belong to everyone, to his advantage ;bringing in millions into his own crime family which includes just about every lying scheming charlatan in America .
Vic earned a huge amount of money using his prayertime for Africa schtick,something that seems to work miracles with the idiots from Milton Florida thru Mobile and all the way to Mitchell South Dakota the home of the CORN PALACE convention center . Where the stupid come to be taken advantage of.

Vic’s scam is to create in the minds of his easy to cheat audience the sense that Life is an Emergency requiring immediate action and attention.
This is how he gets the ratings and creates an environment for other vultures and charlatans to come and feast on the carrion. This is how Vic makes his money ,extending the hundred radio stations under his control, to any and all able to show their appreciation to him at some point in the year. What more could a lying scam artist want but a chance to push his crazy ideology onto a gullible mass of humanity unable to DIZZZZERN fact from fiction. Ever listen to how Vic handles the word discern?

Dr. Joel Mullinex is another high flying vulture that can be seen during midday, hovering over the transmission towers of RBN waiting for carrion to appear. This is his purpose in hosting another cleverly disguised ministry of money grubbing deceit the bastards lovingly call ” Family Prayer Time” What a joke! Family prayer time is nothing more than an opportunity to trick the elderly and the sick and dying into including these swindlers in their final papers. What a cruel filthy bastard Mullinex truly must be!

But Vic loves cash wherever he can find it. And so he creates an industry of blame everyone but himself.
Reader, life is not an emergency ;all the problems which exist today will still be discussed and fought over long after the current crop of radio listeners are all gone .

The best way to immunize yourselves against the toxins these serpents spit out is to see them for what they are ;and to understand that a hundred years from now nothing that Vic rants about will have any relevance. Obviously we have serious problems but do you fix them by blaming others?
Surely we are living in an age of moral depravity but whom should we blame?
Where have the shepherds and guardians of the flock of Christ been during these days of tribulation?

If anyone is to be blamed ,shouldn’t we hold Vic Eliason ,and all the rich and influential voices in America responsible and to blame for the dilemmas we are enduring? Shouldn’t we hold guilty all the radio scam artists responsible for wasting the time and resources of the Christian public by diverting attention away from the remedies of our troubles and who only focus on what it takes to make them filthy rich.
Vic has made big bucks using lies and pitching for cash under false pretenses for half a century . It’s time to give the money back you filthy lying scumbag!… no more prayer rackets for Africa ,you piece of human garbage!

Dear Reader ; Once you come to the realization that life is not an emergency ;and if everything is in the hands of the Almighty ,then there’s little reason to react to what Vic and Swaggart and Benny Hinn routinely pitch to you.
Once you see Craig Mattson for the lying scumbag he truly is ,then you will be less likely to fall for any of his calls for you to donate to his scam operation he calls REJOICE RADIO.
Once you become better informed as to how these bastards operate then you will begin to see them not as Christians but as true SNAKES IN THE HIGH GRASS. Simply out to take advantage of you for all you’re worth. Don’t believe any of them no matter how sincere they may sound. All they want from you is your cash!

This has been another TRUE LAMPLIGHTER MOMENT brought to you by your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR till next time GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!

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