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A True Lamplighter Moment. Beware of Christian Broadcasters ,The Mortal Foes of Any True Christianity. VCY AMERICA AND REJOICE RADIO AMONG THE VERY WORST!

June 17, 2015

Comrades, Defenders of the True Cross , My Christian People: It’s not my intention to write you more often than absolutely necessary ; to apprise you of a concerted effort on the part of the sworn enemies of the Christian Faith, to destroy this religion; and thereby to usher into this world a state of degeneracy.A condition where all that is pure ,holy and sacred is mocked and ridiculed.
This has been the aim of the Jewish World Plague for the past several centuries; and only in recent years has been successfully able to recruit a large and wide array of willing accomplices to bring this diabolical goal into fruition.

The strategy of this diabolical monstrosity ,often referred to as “the chosen people” is to use the Christian community as a battering ram against itself. The first to be harnessed in the interests of this cabal of blood poisoners and international globalists were the myriad number of Christian broadcasters who daily make contact with the largest audience available in the national media. This audience, consisting of those in the church community most vulnerable to fraud and deception : the half-educated stay at home, happy clappy crowd of true believers.

Whereas the demise of Christianity appears to be the ultimate goal of these diabolical monstrosities , the additional benefits , such as :their political and financial domination of America , would also come as a result of this demonic scheme. Slowly this plan began to unfold several decades ago, when a horde of incredibly stupid people descended on the main stream church in America, with an equally convoluted and false revelation pertaining to the creation of the modern state of Israel and its significance in Christian cosmology. This belief that the end of the age was near and the new state of Israel was to play a pivotal role in this new “end times theology” came upon the masses with such direct and dire urgency ;an urgency that comes with prophetic certainty , allowing these purveyors of lies and cunning deceptions to deceive millions of naïve and gullible dupes throughout the country.

Tim LaHaye ,whose incredibly convoluted books ,which include detailed descriptions of the end of the world ,can only be described as a fraudulent and deceitful collection of literary Dadaism with a pseudo Christian veneer of scriptural delusion..

NEW RELEASE!…Target Israel-Caught in the Crosshairs of the End Times

“In their exciting new book Target Israel, prophecy experts Tim LaHaye and Ed Hindson explain why Israel is at the center of God’s prophetic plan for the future.”

Tim LaHaye is just one of a long list of stooges for hire ,whose convenient interpretations of geo-politics couldn’t serve the diabolical interests of the Jewish World Plague any better, had the end times book series been written by the same pen used to print the Talmud!
This paid scribe working for the Jewish media moguls in the book publishing business, has done more to support the bloody agenda of world Zionism than had he been elected to serve in the Knesset.

Timothy F. “Tim” LaHaye is an American evangelical Christian minister, author, and speaker. He is best known for the Left Behind series of apocalyptic fiction, which he co-wrote with Jerry B. Jenkins.

This is pure propaganda bought and paid for by Israeli lobbyists working their blackmail and extortion racketeering schemes on American authors ;and the most noteworthy are these two lying pieces of excrement: Tim La Haye and Jerry B. Jenkins!

As the conflicts in the Middle East grow in intensity, we cannot help but wonder what lies ahead for the nation of Israel and whether any of it means we are drawing closer to the last days.

In this book, you’ll read about the beliefs of Israel’s enemies, the miracle of Israel’s existence, the growing threats to Israel and much more. The author’s goal is to help you better understand the biblical importance of Israel. God’s hand of blessing has been upon the Jewish people from its founding through Abraham and Sarah, its escape from Egyptian slavery under the leadership of Moses, and numerous acts found both in the Bible and throughout history.

Today we can see the many ways God has regathered His people in these last days. Still ahead, the Bible speaks of both times of judgment and blessing upon Israel, culminating in a new heaven and earth that will include a new heavenly city called the New Jerusalem. You’ll be inspired as you see how God will bring all His prophetic promises to pass, and be encouraged to share your faith with greater urgency in light of Christ’s second coming.”

224 pages

The success of this malevolent book series, designed to twist the words of scripture and to dumb down the half-educated members of the Evangelical community , did not go unnoticed by the international maggots operating behind the scenes and in the back rooms of the American congress. And given the obvious advantages in promoting whatever clever interpretation which would help to increase the support for Zionism ,the international extortionists set their aim on the Christian Broadcasters.
And here they found a ready-made army of willing stooges ,ready to betray the cause of the Gospel in exchange for the financial backing ,necessary to stay on the airwaves.
Two of the most ardent mass marketing supporters of the blood thirsty agenda of the Zionist political action committees in America and their Israeli politicians can be found on the radio dial ,calling themselves ” The rejoice Radio network and VCY AMERICA ”
These two pseudo Christian broadcast operations have sold their souls to the devil in exchange for the notoriety and support they receive from the murders of Jesus Christ.
Under the cover of providing their half-educated audiences a musical game of scriptural charades designed to take advantage of your sentimentality.
And here they have been able to present a credible performance ;something not to hard to imagine ;given that the entire on the air staff have alternate careers as professional actors. And this includes all the saccharine sounding scumbags such as Dr. Joel Mullinex, Jimmy Mintz ,Rhonda Autry. And the grand master of fraud and deceit the gifted and talented swindler :Craig Mattson.
My Christian People:
Just because someone you hear on the radio tells you that he or she is a Christian, does not mean you are under any obligation to believe them ,let alone financially support them. No Christian anywhere is required to allow himself to be tricked or cheated by anyone, claiming to be a Christian or claiming that he represents a ministry. These liars and promoters of half-truths know exactly the makeup of their less astute audience which does nothing but embolden them to throw out every possible deception imaginable to convince the listeners they are a bona fide ministry. The end game is simply a pitch for cash which is a fairly common occurrence on all Christian radio. But what remains hidden is the abject servitude they extend to the Jewish media controllers ,promoting their blood causes worldwide. This allows claptrap organizations like VCY AMERICA and the Rejoice Radio Network[RBN] to convert their license to broadcast into a license to steal.
The big money is made by using their influence, on and off the radio, as a means to attract the big money investors who subsequently use this phony outfit as a legitimate way to conduct business transactions under the cover and ruse of a faith based non-profit charity .This is why these scumbags are constantly claiming they are listener supported and asking for you to STAND WITH THEM. The more popular they appear, the more attractive they look to the money grubbers in the investor class, who eagerly search for easy money investments that can yield 20-30% per annum. These investors can be anything ,money has no religious affiliation. They usually are Christ-Hating Jews taking advantage of the stupidity of the Evangelical community which forms an axis of ignorance ,extending from Milton ,Fla. through Pensacola and the campus of Pensacola Christian College ,thru to Mobile , and then westward to Mitchell South Dakota!

The lying bastards swindling the gullible know exactly what to do and say to get the stay at home jerks to open their wallets. What you hear from out of the mouths of the assortment of vultures posing as deep devoted Christians is designed to swindle you ,cheat and rob you blind. In fact ,they pull it off by saying as economically as possible only what is necessary. They use the clever format of Country Gospel and the sentimentality produced by the old standard protestant hymnology to induce you into conveniently forgetting that those standing behind the music are totally unknown entities. Their goal is for you to fool yourself into believing that the music and the pious fibs you hear are a true reflection of their sincerity. DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU HEAR out of the mouths of Mr. Craig Mattson, Jimmy Mintz, Dr. Joel Mullinex , and the former bar fly , Rhonda Autry.
Everything you hear from these frauds is basically a falsehood ;an occasional truth they throw out is only intended to cover a bigger falsification …and therefore is in turn a deliberate lie!

The VCY AMERICA NETWORK enjoys something of a niche in the sordid world of pseudoChristian ministry. These vultures, pretending to supply their listeners with vital information which they claim cannot be accessed anywhere else , have embarked on a plan, to not only enrich themselves at the expense of their naïve listeners but have also harnessed themselves in the service of the sworn enemies of the founder of the Christian Faith. The VCY AMERICA is operated by and under the control of the most ruthless individuals one could ever hope to find on the Christian radio dial: Vic Eliason and his stooge partner in deceit, Jim Schneider.
Both of these lying bags of human filth have enlisted their services to gain favor in the eyes of the Jewish World Plague and have been handsomely rewarded for their troubles.

Both of the well-known broadcaster operating as Rejoice Radio and VCY AMERICA which produces a clever talk show they deceitfully call ‘Crosstalk America” engage in the art of lying, so well-developed that it can only be described as shameless. All of which works to the misfortune of the decent Christian population of America.

And as these decent Christians scratch their heads, wondering how they fell into the state of mass moral pollution ;and wander about in a state of stupefaction ; a seemingly hypnotized mass of people ,completely at the mercy of the spreading pestilence ,newly formed and operating as the Christian Zionist movement. This is the latest in a long series of constantly shifting strategies put together and conceived by the sworn enemies of the Lord Jesus. And with cunning craftiness ,those who mock and ridicule all true religion plot the future end of the Christian faith.

The Jews are the world’s great agitators for the destruction of Christianity; and this fact is something that as yet been unable to penetrate the minds of our feather brained pastors and preachers.
Only the knowledge of the Jews can provide the key in understanding the root cause of our cultural and moral/religious dilemma we are facing ..
Dear Reader , My Christian People; read the following written by a Jewish convert to Christianity.


Why The Jews Hate Jesus Christ

Dealing With Jews Who Burn New Testaments, Judaism Articles, Christians NOT Jews Are God’s Chosen People!, Jews & Their Guilt Of Deicide, Jews Are NOT The “Chosen People”, Why The Jews Hate Jesus Christ

By Brother Nathanael Kapner …

THE ENTIRE WORLD UNDERSTANDS that Jesus Christ is the Jewish Messiah.

Every year at Christmas time we see advertisements to come and hear “Handel’s Messiah.” We all have that wonderful chorus ringing in our ears during the Yuletide season, “For Unto Us A Child Is Born.”

Yet the Jews in their pig-headedness will tell you, “Jesus Christ was an imposter.” The best amongst the Jews will tell you, “Jesus Christ was a great teacher but not the Messiah.” Or the worst amongst the Jews will tell you, “Jesus Christ was a magician.” But when push comes to shove the Jews will finally say, “I was born a Jew and I will die a Jew.” (What they mean is, “I will never become a Goy.”)

I was raised as a Jew. Both my parents were Jews. I started attending Hebrew school as a toddler. We were forbidden to read the New Testament.

I recall in our 10th grade Sabbath School class of Comparative Religions being told by Mrs. Schecter, “Christianity was invented by a manic depressant named Saul of Tarsus. Therefore we are not even going to bother studying Christianity. We will now go on to the study of Buddhism.”

I was disappointed. I at least wanted to know something about the religion we were not supposed to believe in. Basically we were told in our Jewish circles, “Jesus Christ is for the Gentiles not for us Jews.”

It wasn’t until I started college in 1968 that I was able to buy a New Testament and read about Jesus Christ. I was amazed at how “Jewish” the New Testament was.

And I simply fell in love with the personage of Jesus Christ – what with Him going out to the people, speaking to them in parables, and healing and working incredible miracles.

Most of all I felt deep inside of me that He was one of our own and that he was not just for the Gentiles but for we Jews – yes, primarily, that is “first,” for us Jews. Actually, I wanted Him to be primarily for me.

Soon after my conversion, I joined the Jews For Jesus Movement and hit the streets with tracts like, “Jesus Made Me Kosher,” and, “If Only The Rabbis Knew How Wrong They Are.” Most of the Jews I encountered on the streets were not at all open to even consider the claims of Jesus Christ. One was defeated before he even began.

If they admitted something was true about what you were telling them, the next minute they would contradict it.

I think St Paul was right when he said about the Jews, “You have found yourselves unworthy of the Kingdom of Heaven, from now on I go to the Gentiles!” He also said about them, “They are contrary to all men.” Something perhaps some of you have experienced too?

I HAVE NOW FOUND MYSELF some 38 years later since my conversion to Christianity realizing that the question of Jewish Unbelief goes beyond the Jews’ refusal to believe – to something much deeper, something actually quite sinister.

It’s almost as if their unbelief is not really that, (for it makes them the guilty ones does it not?), – where they are forced to respond, “This belief of yours in Jesus Christ is not something that we subscribe to.”

In other words, it is a defensive position, a position the Jews don’t like to be in. Why? The Jews have an obsession for control – they love, nay, they must, be in charge.

And so we see the Jews moving their negation of Jesus Christ into an outright warfare against Him.

Now they are in control and no longer guilty of unbelief but on a campaign of imposing their will on everyone around them. And this is confirmed by St Paul when he says, “They are the enemies of the Cross.” (Philippians 3).

Do we not see this enmity, that is, their outright warfare against Jesus Christ all around us? From the time the Jews got off the boat on Ellis Island they began their warfare against Jesus Christ by litigating against prayer and Bible reading in America’s Public Schools.

Why do the Jews hate Jesus Christ so much? He Who performed so many miracles for them, healing their sick, their blind, their paralyzed, and then, even raising their dead? Why do the Jews hate Jesus Christ so much that they stop their ears from hearing about Him, and now stopping everyone else’s ears as well? I will tell you.

The Jews hate Jesus Christ because they do not like being in a position of “weakness.” For one to come to Jesus Christ he has to admit that he has sinned and in need of a Saviour and therefore must repent and correct his conduct.

The Jews find this absolutely abhorrent. The Jews do not want a Saviour. They do not believe they have ever sinned. They do not see any need to repent of anything. The Jews simply abhor the idea of getting down on their knees.

Those amongst them, that is, the rabbis & their admirers, who are looking for a “messiah,” want him to be the conqueror of the nations and put them in charge of the world.

There is no such thing as repentance in this their “messianic hope.” And this rabbinic “messianic hope” of conquering the Goyim, funnels down to the secular Jews who give tacit submission to the rabbis.

Jesus Christ was crucified by the Jews. This is an historical fact. For the Jewish leaders brought Jesus Christ to Pontius Pilate with trumped up charges of subversive teachings against the Romans – even when they heard Him say, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.”

It is historical fact that Pilate wished to release Jesus Christ but the Jews insisted, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him! His blood be upon us and upon our children!”

Indeed every Jew who persists in his hatred of Jesus Christ, especially the “new enemies” of the Cross:

The Jews of the ACLU; the Jews of the Neoconservative movement; the Jews who run the Media and Madison Avenue; the Jews who run Hollywood with their filth, their vile promotion of fornication, homosexuality, and lesbianism.

AND – The Jews who run the Federal Reserve Bank who had John F Kennedy assassinated for signing a bill to have Congress utilize their constitutional mandate to print money without interest; and so on and so forth ad infinitum – has the blood of Jesus Christ on his head and on the heads of his spoiled, pampered, haughty children.

These are some of the opinions expressed by one who knew and still knows today, the essential Judaism which threatens the very existence of the Christian Faith. ..

These are accurate opinions and can be readily confirmed by anyone who is willing to spend the time studying this existential threat. A threat not only to all that we regard as sacred ,pure and holy but to world peace and ultimately to civilization itself.

These are the people who are currently supported by Christian broadcasters operating all across the country.
Swindlers such as Vic Eliason and Jim Schneider who earn millions running one of this nation’s most deceitful scam operations ;and all of which is compensated by the public in the form of a non profit ministry. In other words the Christian community is supporting their own dumbing down. VCY AMERICA and RBN both rely on a steady stream of gifted con artists to keep the ball of deception rolling practically 24 hrs. a day. Craig Mattson, Rhonda Autry are both skilled stage performers and as such put on a credible performance . It’s now time to stop supporting these clever jokers and highly paid fraudsters. Stop paying these scumbags to continue deceiving you.

And they truly come as an eclectic package of pimps and prostitutes ;all of which are willing to betray anything for the sake of their jobs and huge salaries.
All of the sordid cast of clowns you hear over the RBN and VCY AMERICA airwaves are vultures eager to create a sense of urgency in the minds of their faithful listeners to create a sense of imbalance and gullibility in the bird brain intellect of their audience. This of course pleases their Jewish paymasters and helps to increase their own cash flow into the treasury coffers ..

The Jews are not people who will ever be threatened or intimidated by seeing a united front of Christians .. They know that a simple carving of a Trojan Horse will suffice ,sooner or later ,in bringing down the walls of Christendom . Given the Judas inclinations of our pastors and Bishops ,it seems an obvious strategy that has been used in the past and will work again in the future. The truth is that the Jews are more likely to fear a common fist rather than a common faith.

Anyone who refuses to see these things concerning pseudo- Christian broadcasters or the existential threat we face from the Christian Zionist movement ,supports them, and thereby makes himself an accomplice in the slow prostitution of our future.

Do not support VCY AMERICA or REJOICE RADIO ,but rather mock them, laugh at their childish attempts to defraud you ; scold all the phony hustlers they feature on their deceptive programming. Whether it’s all the gun nuts or the gifted special interest hustlers who scour the hills looking for a cause to support ;hopefully one that will bring in the bucks .

Call into their studios and let them know you are on to them. Call and tell Craig Mattson that you know what a cheap lying play acting hustler he is and let him know ,that he can no longer trick or cheat you.
This has been another TRUE Lamplighter Moment. brought to you by your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR. Till next time GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!!



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