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Beware of an Existential Threat Aimed at the Christian Community by Pseudo Christian Broadcasters. Rejoice Radio.Org &VCY AMERICA Are Using The Old Testament to Destroy the Gospel.

August 14, 2015

My fellow Christians : With each passing year, the Christian Community finds itself scratching its head wondering how much more they will be asked to endure. The godless direction that society has chosen to go, is part and parcel of what is generally taking place all over Western Civilization. The redefining of marriage , the limitless freedoms to destroy healthy life in the womb , the unrestricted dissemination of pornography ,legalization of drugs of varying toxicity , represent only a portion of the weapons of spiritual destruction created by the sworn enemies of the Founder of the Christian Faith.
The desired end result is to destroy every remaining residue of true religion off the face of the earth.

This task is not as hard as it may first appear to be. But simply requires precision handling to ensure the cover isn’t blown off the willing stooges and depraved accomplices ,only too willing to betray the cause of the Gospel … There’s no dark phantom hovering overhead wishing to harm the Christian community ; the Almighty has no desire to destroy the church community which has taken two thousand years to create. All of what has befallen the true believers can be traced back to the abject stupidity of those in positions of leadership ,pretending to know the mind of God, while at the same time, failing to demonstrate any ability to live according to the will of god.

What has happened can be traced directly to an unfortunate and inexplicable event in American history, when some 70-80 years ago a horde of utterly stupid and ignorant people were let loose on humanity. Whatever decay and corruption afflicted the political sphere then , also affected the realm of Christian beliefs and church community. For the majority of Christians today ,unable to fathom such an event, our current misfortune remains an insoluble riddle .
The answer lies in the lack of ability to discern fact from fiction ; a talent that has over the years fallen into a state of desuetude.

The simple truth can be learned by observation of the natural world ,when weakness appears the clever and stronger make their appearance ,to dominate or to exploit the less astute.The endless number of simpletons ,forming a mass of stupefied followers ,completely at the mercy of every charlatan and quick-witted swindler, eager to lift their wallets, is something all too familiar with those who can remember the scandals and the in your face perversions that came to light ;thanks to depraved televangelists and deliberately cunning pseudo-Christian broadcasters ,as of late.

Today the Christian community is facing a long developing struggle against those  sowing the seeds of corruption, the extent of which ,no one, has any adequate appreciation. This corruption has taken the form of a spreading pestilence affecting every aspect of Christian practice and belief and threatens all honest humanity in the balance. ..

We live in an age where all true religion is ridiculed ,ethics and morality appear as outmoded. And all those most affected by it all, have been harnessed to the very evils they believe they are combating against. Those believing they are defending the Gospel have been generally hoodwinked into aligning themselves with the sworn enemies of the Great Nazarene. Those believing they are fighting against barbarism and cruelty in the world , have in effect joined forces with the very antithesis of what it means to be a Christian and as a result are delivering the Gospel of Christ to those wishing to burn it.
The pro-Zionist movement, having taken hold of a large portion of professing Christians, is only one example where the Evangelical community has been turned into a battering ram against itself. The extent of this stupidity is totally underestimated, and when left unchallenged, forms a constantly shifting offensive against not only the basic norms of civilized behavior , but threatens all humanity by extension.
The repulsive traits and characteristics of the Zionist community are mimicked and adopted by the Christian community at large and the same blood lust guiding the mass extermination of children and helpless civilians, living under the barbaric Israeli occupation of their homelands, in the Middle-East , easily becomes the guiding principles we often hear on various phony baloney ,plastic banana, good time rock and roll pseudo Christian Broadcasters ;spreading a continuous stream of poison into the arteries of this once great and heroic Faith. A faith ,which at one time consisted of saints and fearless martyrs ,willing to defy the demons in human disguise. Thinking themselves as on the side of good ,they have invariably joined forces with the very demonic instruments of decay and whose religious beliefs are an endless series of plunder ,exploitation and a lust for the blood of innocents.

The Christian Community today is being led astray by insane fools ; failing to see the Jew for what he is: the great agitator for Christian destruction.
Here ,the Jew has no equal in spreading his deceptions among the gullible; and likely involving the enlisting of pastors , bible teachers and ministers of various denominations, eager to betray anything for the sake of their jobs as broadcasters and the lucrative cash income that comes along with it..; they have in effect become malleable clay in the hands of their Jewish paymasters ,happy to be formed into Trojan Horses, constructed within the citadel of Christian Faith.

What comes to mind, is something out of the distant past ,that has remained with me over these many years. It demonstrates with icy clarity the inherent dangers found in the various unfettered denominations pretending to be in Christ’s service and in promoting His Gospel. What I’m referring to was an episode in what many believe to be the founding talk show in the popular mass media ,the Phil Donahue show . On this particular episode Phil had invited a small group of formerly independent Baptists who had unintentionally convinced themselves to convert to modern-day Judaism.
It all started innocently enough ,as explained by the group leader ; a well dressed eloquent sounding pastor of a small Baptist church located a few miles south of Paducah Ky. Donahue thought this story had some significance in that all those who may profess strong beliefs can be convinced to see things differently by those possessing great cunning and craftiness.
And as more of the details started to come to light the more convinced I became, that the biggest problem facing Christianity can be directly traced to the abject stupidity of its membership.

You see, this particular Christian church, and all of its some sixty or so members had over the years developed a decidedly love affair with the Old Testament. This was not confined to stories of David, the little shepherd boy ,fit for a Sunday school afternoon ; but a really in-depth study of each and every one of its many books . And this study became the mainstay[its claim to fame] for this small independent Baptist church ,which apart from this predilection, was rather indistinguishable from all the other white picket fenced churches, dotting the Kentucky landscape of rolling lavender fields of green ..
I mean these Christians had an affinity with the Old Testament that was hard to explain ,especially since it came at the expense of New testament dedication and devotion .
They loved the various personalities they studied ,such as: Moses , king David , Joshua and the great battle of Jericho , the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace. … The Church Leader ,the former Christian pastor, related to the listening audience the unique thrill of reading about Moses and his ultimatums directed at the king of Egypt and the defiant David , King of Israel ; and how he as a boy, courageously defied and killed the great Goliath and so on. You get the idea; these characters resonated well with this small group of dedicated Baptists . The stories of heroism they read about and studied, seemed to fit into their psyches and conformed to their inward personalities , far better than say a Christ ,constantly turning the cheek ,constantly refusing to defend himself. Clearly the Old Testament stories held this small congregation in the grip of intense interest. And so it came to pass ,that to increase their Old Testament experience to an even greater level ,they all agreed to go directly to the only other person possible ,more intimately knowledgeable of Hebrew literature than themselves :a Rabbi ,they found in the phone book ,living in nearby Paducah.

About a dozen church members managed to find the Rabbi and they called on him at his home unannounced . It was startling for him to see them in front of his place of residence, thinking they had arrived there to do him some harm. But after listening to their tale of praise and unabashed interest in Old Testament study he cunningly opened the door and bid them enter.
In an attempt to impress the Rabbi with the seriousness of their desire to become better acquainted with all the Old Testament had to offer they began to mouth off all the verses many had heard during the course of their own preaching and teaching. Verses such as Chronicles 7-14 was a constant…You know how it goes…

Chronicles 7:14King James Version (KJV)

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. And there were a few others, similar to this one.. The one about the Watchman on the wall, and about” my people perishing for a lack of knowledge “was bandied about . All in front of the Rabbi ,all to obtain his consent to teach them further.
Once the Rabbi realized he had a legitimate group of easy to swindle hayseeds he went right to work on them. And he charged them for his time of instruction accordingly. This Jew was no one’s fool.

Over a period of several weeks ,the conclusion which resulted was truly shameless ,and spoke volumes to the incredible gullibility and the abject ignorance ,all of which resides on the mindless idiots, found in most of America’s fundamentalist – Evangelical churches.
Listening to this former Christian leader was heartbreaking for its shamelessness with which he explained to Phil Donahue’s Television studio Audience, how with the Rabbi’s instruction, they came to understand that the Lord Jesus was not the Messiah ;that He was not the Son of God ; that he was an imposter ,a lunatic , and was rightly executed according to Jewish Law and custom and the Easter Story was a myth. . If I remember correctly ,even the secular audience in the studio was taken aback by this revelation of total depravity and treachery .

The Rabbi, seeing how easy it was to manipulate the thinking of this gang of judases resorted to an in-depth discussion of the books of Mosaic law found in the standard Old Testament and using his demonic interpretation of this writing ,he convinced them that Jesus of Nazareth was simply a deluded individual ;one of many, believing himself to be divine.

The conclusion to this sordid tale of betrayal and apostasy is as indicative of the total lack of cohesion and scriptural exegesis existing in the body of Protestant Evangelical believers ;all claiming a unique ability to comprehend the Word of God, and have no need of any further interpretation.

The group made its way back to their small church building where they called a special meeting to resolve for them what had become a major issue of prime importance. And that was whether or not ,given the present set of circumstances , to become Jews. That’s right ,to convert to Judaism . A vote was taken and with only one dissenting voice they agreed to visit the Rabbi for the expressed purpose of conversion.
To show what a bunch of ignoramuses these scumbags from Kentucky truly were ,they believed a conversion to Judaism was simply a denial and rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ and a demonstration involving spitting and stepping on the cross. And for this reason ,on their next visit to the synagogue they brought with them the cross which they had taken down from the church archway to be used as an instrument of sacrilege with which to impress the Rabbi ,who had brought them to this point of human disgrace.
All this fanfare did not impress the Rabbi who quickly advised them that conversion required more than just spitting on the cross, but additional study in the “ways of Judaism” ;and for their edification he just happened to have a five book set of instructional textbooks with corresponding Q&A notebooks to be completed and used at the local board of Rabbis for their approval as fit candidates for conversion.
The Rabbi concluded, that he could offer these books to them at a fair price . I can’t remember whether or not these items were purchased ,but I can tell you that the Rabbi was chuckling up his sleeve at the prospect of cashing in on the total stupidity of the red neck Goyim which had mysteriously appeared at his doorstep some few weeks ago..

All of what I’ve related to you ,my comrades, is completely true ,and while the various details of this story were missing and may have been useful to know ,it was the best my memory could do, given the great distance in time from when this event first appeared on the Phil Donahue Show.

While this sad story may not be a frequent event ,it is important to know what is taking place on Christian media as it pertains to the constant reading and studying of Old Testament scriptures. The simple truth is that constant drum beat the Christian community is subjected to, on a daily basis, serves no spiritual purpose. The O.T. provides nothing in the way of Christian values and little of inspirational worth. Stories about mass murder, cattle rustling, adultery and offers of sex for favors are not the things which can easily correspond to Christ’s Gospel of unconditional grace and Salvation by Faith. So, why do they do it? Why do we constantly hear from all the phony baloney, plastic banana ,good time rock and rollers posing as Christian broadcasters reading the same passages from the same O.T. books about Ruth and Esther and Persia hmmm. And Joseph in Egypt and all those nasty Canaanites .. Hmmm I wonder why..

. To be charitable ,the reason can be traced to the rank stupidity of today’s preachers and pastors who simply lack the ability to discuss the weightier matters as they pertain to the New Testament. What sadly may be closer to the truth is that our pastors and Christian Broadcast Specialists have made a pact with the devil. And unwittingly have turned themselves into subtle talmudists , creating discord and confusion in the minds of the naïve and gullible jerks residing throughout the bible belt.

Comrades , there is no lack in this country, of feather brained clergymen ;all filled with know it all conceit ,cowardice to speak the truth; and all working on the Jewish payroll.
No matter what one may read ,it cannot compare with actually hearing the treason and betrayal of the Gospel and the cause of Christ ; coming directly out of the mouths of today’s crop of Christian broadcasters.

The endless O.T. readings, simply form the foundation to the treason , and the confusion that settles in the minds of their audiences creates the treachery. .
Don’t fall for any of the lies they present you with but simply use your gift of reason and logic to see them for the lying pack of hyenas they truly are.
All the mass media are under the control of the sworn enemies of Jesus Christ, and this includes all the bible centered radio stations, such as :the Rejoice Radio Network and the infamous and cowardly VCY AMERICA NETWORK.
All it takes is to listen what they are saying, and what they are creating in you, to understand the deceptions which they freely dispense to God’s people, throughout the country.
Keep in mind that all those who make a pact with the devil ,will land in HELL with the devil.

The only way to understand their programming is to see it as a concentrated solution of lies designed to exploit you ,to rob you blind and to turn you into willing servants of a group of diabolical monstrosities whose only desire is to rob you of your power ,to
steal and kill.
Do not be fooled with the occasional truth they spew out ,this also is a lie, since it serves the interests for promoting a greater lie.
What these lying bastards such as those you hear on VCY AMERICA and REJOICE RADIO are counting on is your inability to see things as they are. They know well, that this more than anything else ,promotes gullibility and charlatanism. All the celebrities which appear such as Craig Mattson, Jimmy Mintz and Rhonda Autry have all sold their souls to the devil . And there’s nothing they will not betray to keep their miserable little jobs and their lucrative incomes. Yes ,it’s true , the devil pays well.

These false and lying pieces of filth have joined with another equally vile and destructive gang of swindlers operating out of Milwaukee WS. and who go by the name of VCY AMERICA . These two gangs are engaged in a cozy swindler’s match ,each one seeking in their own way to trick and deceive you.
VCY AMERICA is clearly indebted to the most dangerous enemies in America ; to a parasitic group intent of destroying every last remnant of the Christian faith.

An example of their tactics, they happily employ, is when they invite a hideous loud mouth, who pretending to be a Christian ,is upon closer examination, nothing but a willing stooge for the very forces of decay ,he pretends to be combating against. And his purpose is to harness all Christian listeners to the VCY AMERICA produced talk show called CROSSTALK ..into following him into a false battle against the wrong enemy.
Of course I’m revealing the disgusting and totally unchristian OSAMA DAKTOK. If you’re lucky you may catch him on Crosstalk VCY AMERICA. Here’s a snippet about this scumbag..
Meet Pastor Usama Kamel Dakdok and his Hatred

….” Never heard of him? Me too, till I saw him drop a few clangers on Samar Gorial’s show on ABNSat . This “Christian” missionary worked himself into a frenzy of hatred; a frenzy which apparently culminated into Usama Dakdok spouting a foul word*. Yes, we bring you ANOTHER scandal from an ABN show. Why do some fundamentalist Christians keep us so busy with their debauched and money-hungry ways?”

Who is Usama Dakdok?

…” He is from Egyptian stock and functions out of “thestraightway” ministry. His claim to fame is his “translation” of the Quran – which he is selling on his site for a whopping £24.95 dollars. For those in the know concerning classical Arabic; Usama Dakdok is far from qualified to translate such a text. I guess his lack of expertise and study has not stopped him from entering such an enterprise; I wonder if it as financially lucrative as he first imagined.”….

…Here’s another highly trained Talmudist deceiving the masses every chance he gets. This is why he appears on CROSSTALK every chance he gets. And this jerk is far from being the only source of contamination and pestilence robbing the Christian faithful of their power.
ANYONE who refuses to see these things supports them and thereby makes himself an accomplice to the slow decay and destruction of our Christian Faith and of our future.
And our future ,whether we like it or not lies in the coming generation ,our youth.

If any Christian would follow the subtle and grotesque suggestions coming out of the mouths of idiots, such as: Osama Daktok or any of the other equally gifted cheats and swindlers regularly appearing on VCY AMERICA and in the REJOICE RADIO studios of lies and deceptions ,they would in effect be dipping their hands into a cauldron of blood, prepared and churned by the international maggots ,slowly but surely destroying the moral fiber of God’s people.

Never forget that the chief deceivers I’ve mentioned are only a mere handful of cheats liars and judases which come at you with their lies and money-grubbing schemes. Cheats and professional liars such as Craig Mattson and Jim Schneider, who works at VCY AMERICA rely on your support to stay in business.
The outfits they work for are good at hiring professional actors and acresses to trick the less astute into parting with their cash. That’s why you hear Craig Mattson ,Rhonda Autry and Jimmy Mintz daily. All of these cheats are swindling you with their acting skills. Don’t allow them to engage you in a well scripted game of spiritual charades.
Stay strong and resolute and together we will defeat the sworn enemies and the mortal foes of any true Christianity!

This has been another TRUE LAMPLIGHTER MOMENT bringing you more GOOD NEWS . TILL NEXT TIME Good Day and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!!

There’s another” lamplighter moment” appearing on Rejoice Radio and elsewhere ,do not confuse us. The other Lamplighter is a total fraud as well as all the other con artists appearing on Rejoice Radio. They have different names such as the ICR ,and Ken Ham and other low bottom feeders. Stay away from them as well.

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