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Choose the Greatest Threat Facing the Christian Faith. Christian Broadcasters such as VCY AMERICA and REJOICE RADIO [RBN] Among the Greatest Threats We Christians Face in America.

September 11, 2015

My Christian People. Over the course of many decades a certain malignant tumor has been allowed to develop in the spiritual heartland ;and for the most part has remained unnoticed and unregarded by the vast majority of Christians living in America. This malignancy is more than just the usual gang of clever charlatans taking advantage of the gullible and stupid ;but runs deeper than anyone heretofore has been able to recognize… Deception and those who gain and profit from it have been part and parcel , affecting  the Christian Community,  well back in time. But what few have been able to recognize is the hidden aspects of deception, and its ability to metastasize, by turning the deceived into future deceivers .All of which will work  their scams …;. cheating and tricking the spiritual Body of Christ ,well into the future.

A great American stated that ” You can’t fool all the people all of the time”
I would tend to agree, with only a minor exception : I truly believe you can fool the vast majority of Fundamentalist/ Baptist/ Evangelicals just about all the time. The best proof can be seen in the continuing phony baloney plastic banana good time rock and roll ministries of Jimmy Swaggart, Richard Roberts, Benny Hinn and who can forget the little scumbag who cheated the widows and orphans of America : the one and only [PTL]JIM BAKKER??

Whatever we do in this life ,whether it is fundamentally good or evil ,it will tend to continue ,it will justify and perpetuate itself.
Those who willingly supported the demon inspired ministries of all the scandalous televangelist ministries; and as a result were victimized ,have now become deceivers themselves and can be heard on a daily basis ;all over the radio dial.
And here again ,there’s proof for all those willing to accept the cold reality of an icy morning . A mere listening to the fraudulent ministry of a scam radio operation , such as: the VCY AMERICA NETWORK presentation of “CROSSTALK AMERICA” :a call in talk show designed to cheat and swindle the gullible within the stay at home Christian community in America. Aside from the blatantly false statements made by the two-co-hosts Jim Schneider and Vic Eliason ,all one need do is look and listen to the steady stream of invited guests ;all of which are incredibly deceptive cheats and professional swindlers in their own right. Fraud and deception perpetuate themselves . Liars and con artists gravitate toward each other   for mutual  support and financial benefit. And the circle closes with each passing day..

But deception and fraud ,while seemingly able to evolve and grow geometrically on its own ,nonetheless requires those willing to play supporting roles on this vast stage of planned and deliberate swindle.  The roles are varied and can take the form of

sincere heartfelt religiosity   ;consisting of endless appeals to one’s  sentimentality and Christian duty.

These are professionally organized scams; and one of the best in the business is the well-known REJOICE RADIO[RBN} broadcast network coming at you everyday from PENSACOLA FLORIDA.

Interestingly ,these characters are connected to the previously mentioned gang of pseudo Christian cutthroats running the VCY AMERICA broadcast network. They operate in tandem ,ripping apart the stay at home Christian ,totally unable to discern fact from fiction. And as a result ,this has created a class of super rich radio ministries totally besides themselves in their  ability to cheat the Christian community…

But spiritual appeals to Christian duty and the trite verses of scripture which are attached, can only go so far. The ever-increasing demand for money on the part of these money-grubbing vultures , requires forethought  on everyone’s part ;and so new and inventive ways are brought to bear on an incredibly gullible and less astute  radio audience eager to believe ,eager to trust. ..

And so the idea pops into the brains of these broadcast demons dressed  in human form, to promote for pay every political issue affecting the nation and the world  . And those most  happy to pay for this service are  the usual suspects found in all matters of geo-political fraud : the Jewish world plague. They have the big bucks to get their viewpoints across and down the throats of this nation’s most incredibly stupid religious denomination: the evangelical morons .

Whatever you hear on VCY AMERICA supports these international Jewish  gangsters ;and invariably places in their cauldron of blood the hands of the gullible and downright stupid members of this naïve and overly trusting  Christian community…

Whether it deals with the Arab Palestinian Israeli conflict, or the promotion of Christian Zionism[ a true oxymoron  if  there  ever was one ] or the heartbreaking abortion issue  or the homosexual rights conflict ,rest assured , all the jokers running the deliberate fraudulent programming from Milwaukee [VCY AMERICA]  are prostituting themselves for pay . And in the process dragging into their whorehouse   of lies ,the entire Christian community stupid enough to enter in.

The main theme they push over the stupid,… deals with their total and abject support of Israel and by so doing , receive the huge amounts of easy money they desire. This has a spill over effect and involves the support of the other racketeers out of Pensacola[RBN} who incidentally provide  free airtime to the Milwaukee hyenas. It’s all one big tag team match and you my stupid Evangelical jerk are usually the one getting pinned down on the mat of fraud and deception. And they laugh at you while strolling to the bank!

So how does all this work on a daily basis. ? It starts by dumbing you down to the point where any lie or trick can be easily swallowed . The central theme is to support our dear friends under attack in Israel; they are fulfilling God’s plan for the world .

So hitting you with their anti  woman’s choice stand [the pro abortion legal right in America ]  and their total condemnation of Planned Parenthood;  and combining this con job with their pro-Israel forever stand  ;it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that they are rubbing your own stupidity right into your own pinched face.

Their demands for you to call in your opposition to the financial support of Planned Parenthood by government revenues  at the same time they demand  that you  back up the financial support of Jewish racketeers in Israel is laughable if not for the  pathetic nature of their  game of political charades.

Any Christian who has a problem supporting abortion on demand in America ,should not be prevented by these prostitutes working their fraud out of VCY AMERICA ,Milwaukee to learn that the financial support given to Israel promotes free  and on demand abortions on an industrial scale in Israel.  .. Is that how you want your money spent?

Dear reader ,pay close attention.

My Christian People: Do you believe in Israel and support it’s moral right to exist? Is this what all the lying hypocrites running Christian radio would have you believe. Are you concerned about free abortion to one and all;does this upset your moral sensibilities. Does this offend you and your desire to defund planned parenthood is part of your moral compass? How about getting your head out of your rear end and see where your support of Israel is doing to your moral compass for a change.

Israel’s abortion law now among world’s most liberal Despite its conservative leanings, government approves free pregnancy termination for nearly all women, and it barely causes a ripple


Israel, a nation with a forceful religious lobby and a conservative prime minister, is poised to offer its female citizens some of the most liberal abortion coverage in the world.


The nation’s Health Ministry commission, led by Dr. Yonatan Halevy, last week announced its state-subsidized “health basket,” the package of medications and services that all Israeli citizens are entitled to under the nation’s health care system. It was approved by the cabinet on Sunday. The health basket is analyzed and amended on an annual basis, and among the many additional treatments to be offered to Israelis in 2014 are free-of-charge abortions for women ages 20-33.

Israel has always had a liberal stance on abortion, allowing women facing medical emergencies or those who are victims of rape or abuse to receive subsidies to help them terminate their pregnancies. Outside of those regulations, women can apply for abortions for reasons ranging from an emotional or mental threat caused by the pregnancy or for not being married to the baby’s father. All women who seek to end a pregnancy must appear before a three-member committee to state their case, but 98 percent of requests are approved. Women under the age of 20 or over the age of 40 were also previously eligible for subsidized abortions, regardless of the reason.

With the newly amended health care package, however, funding will now be available for more than 6,000 additional women seeking to terminate their pregnancies, at the cost at some NIS 16 million ($4.6 million). No medical reason for the abortion is required.

In Gaza and the West Bank ,with the killing and burning to death of innocent young Palestinian children ,the heartless and

blood thirsty Jewish agenda has caught the attention of the civilized world ..That is everyone except the prostitutes for hire working their scams at REJOICE RADIO and VCY AMERICA ;none of which has ever uttered a word of sympathy ;not even for the infants caught in the fiery  maelstrom.  This is what passes for a Christian ministry on the air!!

And let’s not forget the Iran situation and those eager to sacrifice the blood of others but  never  their own . .. VCY AMERICA is eager to tell you what to think and believe about  Iran ,aren’t they..


It occurred to me the other day when I heard some paid off shill politician refer to Iran as the leading exporter of terror in the Middle East what a bald-faced lie that was. It was so typical of what Americans tell the world, and tell each other, as they live in their fictitious view of reality in which they — while committing an endless series of audacious and despicable crimes — consider themselves the heroes and everybody else outlaws.

In fact, as the rest of the world already knows, the exact opposite is true. And Americans, brainwashed by the twisted luxury and meaningless diversions that have become of prime importance to them, have become too stupid to know the difference.

The Iranians are called exporters of terror by bloodthirsty Americans because they continue to staunchly defend the downtrodden Palestinians, who are the principal victims of the constant diabolical terror of the Jew perverts who have stolen their land, slaughtered their people and through the help of warped American media — totally owned by Jews — convinced much of the world that Jews are the victims and the Palestinians are the terrorists — when in fact the reverse is true.

In every country on Earth, the Jews — made invincible by the lobotomized Americans who do their dirty work — are saboteurs and terrorists. Just as they are in America, the indigenous inhabitants of every country are their victims.

Israel has admitted for the first time that it has been giving Ethiopian Jewish immigrants birth-control injections, often without their knowledge or consent.

The government had previously denied the practice but the Israeli Health Ministry’s director-general has now ordered gynaecologists to stop administering the drugs. According a report in Haaretz, suspicions were first raised by an investigative journalist, Gal Gabbay, who interviewed more than 30 women from Ethiopia in an attempt to discover why birth rates in the community had fallen dramatically.

Do you really want to blame MARGERET SANGER FOR THIS TOO?

One of the Ethiopian women who was interviewed is quoted as saying: “They [medical staff] told us they are inoculations. We took it every three months. We said we didn’t want to.” It is alleged that some of the women were forced or coerced to take the drug while in transit camps in Ethiopia.

The drug in question is thought to be Depo-Provera, which is injected every three months and is considered to be a highly effective, long-lasting contraceptive.

Nearly 100,000 Ethiopian Jews have moved to Israel under the Law of Return since the 1980s, but their Jewishness has been questioned by some rabbis. Last year, the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who also holds the health portfolio, warned that illegal immigrants from Africa “threaten our existence as a Jewish and democratic state”.

My Dear Christian people: The incredible gullibility affecting Christians is based on the things they know the least about ;and in turn are learned from cold-blooded and callous frauds and mass deceivers.All those tricking the very stupid can be found on Christian radio but not exclusively . The church you attend also has its share of tricksters and con artists.

In general terms, today’s crowd of phony televangelists operating out of huge centers such as the totally ridiculous Joel Osteen enterprise of mass fraud and all the dysfunctional families involving the old pros such as the Swaggarts and Jim Bakkers and the criminal Benny Hinn scam artist ;all of whom, have amassed huge fortunes tricking the masses. All of these  con artists and many others, can rightfully claim to be living legends in the sordid world of televangelism ; but there are others such as the RBN attached to Pensacola Christian college  broadcast studios  that can also claim to be legends in their own right.

These jokers can play both a primary role as well as provide supporting roles  for others. to play..

This is why you often hear scumbags and lying sacks of human filth like Ken Ham and all the lunatics  working their literal  Genesis translation ,good for  cheating the gullible close minded jerks in the radio audience.

These are those in supporting roles all of which work together to put on the air a well-knit and cohesive enterprise of deceit and stupidity. The more they can dumb you down folks ,the easier it is for them to  rip you off  financially ;and that’s what it all boils down to: getting you to part with your hard cash.

And here is where the talent and the power to cheat and swindle come to the surface. They come in the form of some talented con artists such as Mr. Craig Mattson, Rhonda Autry ,who now seldom gives her name over the air. Evil loves darkness is a truth.

Mattson is a true son of Satan who sold his soul to the devil years ago for the chance to gain fame and fortune. He swindles others because he himself has been swindled.

Then there’s Jimmy Mintz, [the reflective guy]who over the years, has trained his voice to sound  like it’s about to break out in tears. Reminds me of the teary waterfalls of Tammy Faye of PTL  Club fame. All of the lying scum are trained actors ,deliberately hired by the big money investor class to put it over on the gullible jerks throughout the bible belt.

All of these sobs are deceivers and there’s not a single Christian among the entire crew over at RBN and throughout Pensacola Christian College. Soon they will roll out that sack of grits  One Ton Tonita OHMS for another folksy sounding SHARE A THON EPISODE where every trick in the book is  used  to increase their ratings and cash flow.

It may be worth knowing that high ratings can translate into big  buck loans at the local regional bank ,right there in Pensacola.

The best radio station with the best equipment in the world is worthless without listeners. think about that the next time they ask you for your support ;you support these bastards just by listening. Never send in your cash..

The cash they get supports the sex industry in Pensacola and all the bars and clubs along the boardwalk area. Don’t be fooled by their appeals to your religious duty. Where else can you find an incredibly wealthy organization such as RBN and Pensacola Christian College pretending to be in need of cash?

Is that the new meaning of Christian ministry where the poor and needy donate to support the rich and powerful?  interesting.

Till next time , this has been your true lamplighter with another lamplighter moment. Till next time Good day and good news to you!

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