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Solicitations for Money by Christian Broadcasters [Rejoice Radio [RBN] or VCY AMERICA ] Are as Phony and Fraudulent as Any Made by Missionary Outreach Scam Artists!

October 7, 2015

My Christian People: All the solicitations for money made by professional fund-raisers are not worth the paper they are written on.  The missionary outreach  appeal for donations is just one of many  highly effective ways that pseudo Christian charlatans use to exact huge amounts of money out of the wallets and check books of America’s Christian community. Many of  them are totally in the dark as to the tricks used by these scheming vultures . Music is primarily used, to create those all important  feelings of Christian emotion ;which only serves to increase their determination  to fleece as much hard cash out of you that they possibly can.

The easiest way to understand this is and to prepare for the clever con-job, is  to know  that, just because someone tells you that he is a Christian, does not give him the right to deceive you or to cheat you. Being a Christian does not obligate you to allow  yourself to be tricked and swindled out of your money.  What few may realize is that the same techniques used in the missionary scam to swindle you are basically used in other forms of clever fund-raising promotions. These scams are used all across the board . Starting in your local church, and going all the way thru to the friendly and highly fraudulent voices you hear on Christian Broadcasting.

The distinguishing difference found in the well planned swindles used in Christian broadcasting has more to do with the need to assure the gullible  imbeciles in their audience that they are a worthy ministry without having to actually do anything in real terms.

What broadcasters constantly  need to do is increase their ratings ;keep in mind that the best  equipped radio studio in the world ,if it lacks a  large number of listeners ,is entirely worthless. For any radio station, high ratings mean money in the bank.

Without  ratings ,few banks will loan these vultures money ;and money is needed to keep their investor supported fraud going..

Currently, Rejoice Radio [RBN] is conducting another one of their clever and deliberately well planned money-making schemes they affectionately refer to as their FALL SHARE A THON.

These vultures are the very template in Broadcasting fraud in America. At their disposal are some of this nation’s dumbest ,the bible belt jerks who believe everything they hear.

To keep them in the dark ,they present themselves as a worthy music and message ministry ,enabling to solicit funds for anything that sounds good to all the naïve idiots listening on a daily basis.

The wealthy investor class representing   the true financial backers of this type of immoral unbiblical programming ,basically cashing in on all the tax advantages which accrue to any faith-based ministry or organization ,are  always operating behind the scenes. For the public ,the RBN outfit is always referred to as a listener supported enterprise ,allowing them to invite all the knuckle heads in the bible belt to come and become their family and loving share partners. In few words, that’s the way the swindle plays out.What the jerks fail to see is that the nickel and dimes they pledge is nothing but peanuts . What the vultures need and must have to continue the scam ,

is an increasingly sized audience ,making themselves attractive to rich investors and bank loan officers. It’s all a scam;it’s all nothing but a big business using Christian motifs to trick the gullible imbeciles living throughout the bible belt in America.

No large radio station can survive on pledges and nothing more ,given that only a small percentage of pledges are acted on.

These bastards need big bucks which can only come from very wealthy investors salivating at the idea of earning huge returns of 15-16% or much more. The proof is to listen to the RBN share a thon and listen carefully to what is actually taking place in the studios of deceit located in sin city Pensacola ,Florida.  What you will not hear are the phones ringing. This is a departure . In fact ,these vultures do not need anyone even to call in with a pledge. But you need to listen with your eyes wide open.

Ask, how did they go from zero to over 68 thousand dollars in  pledges with hardly any calls coming in to their depraved studios?  The simple truth is that rich investors have already moved their money into RBN  and the increase in pledges simply reflects the slow incremental movement of cash into the “so-called listener supported side of the ledger” What a con job!!

As money donated and with ample cover provided to this clever accounting trick,the rich investor class will grow richer by the day. And in the meanwhile that filthy lying scum by the name of Rhonda Autry ,who is as filthy and smelly  as a garbage can filled  with  used tampons continues to hustle cash out of America’s dumbest. The truck drivers , the hotel  workers,the military stationed at Eglin Field all are fair game for Rhonda to trick and cheat them  out of the few bucks they may still have in their wallets.

My question is simply this: since when can an extremely wealthy organization like RBN, employing some of the richest charlatans in the state of Florida ,[Rhonda Autry, Craig Mattson, Jimmy Mintz and so on]…call itself a Christian ministry? Since when do you call  an organization a ministry that extracts huge amounts of  cash out of the poor and hardworking folks in America to satisfy the greed and the lust for  money  of those running the ministry [so-called] and who are among the  richest blood suckers in America ;and who also  directly benefit from the stupidity of the gullible.  I just thought I’d ask..

The simple truth is that these bastards believe there’s a sucker born every minute and they  intend  to cash in, as all the other filthy vultures like Jimmy Swaggart ,and Benny Hinn and Jim BAKKER and hundreds more ,if not thousands more.

Keep in mind that these hyenas need ratings to survive . The idiots stupid enough to send some cash to these criminals are sending funds which will be used as petty cash ,to supply the immediate needs of filthy lying bags of human excrement such as Craig Mattson,  Rhonda Autry , Joel Mullinex and of  course the White Pimp of the South: Caleb the crook Keener!

This is big business and nothing more. There’s nothing Christian or religious  about  these scumbags. Jokers like Caleb Keener who is the prime mover in the share a thon trick is nothing more than a clever religion racketeer ; exercising his first amendment right to swindle and to rob you blind. Scumbags like Craig Mattson , Rhonda Autry or all the other stooges working for RBN are all fearful of losing their miserable little jobs, and so, are willing to betray the cause of Christ ;

and in fact to betray all that is decent and holy ,to gain wealth and fame .

Rhonda , Craig , and all the other hustlers ,wear the Christian  label well ,but are in fact nothing but vultures sucking the cash and life’s blood out of the less astute Christian community throughout the bible belt.

The big question is :how much more can the Christian community endure at the hands of these filthy lying SOB. s?

Rhonda Autry is an accomplished actress and along with Craig Mattson use their acting skills to trick and deceive the audience. This is a highly effective way for RBN to portray themselves  as a true Christian ministry ,when in reality these scumbags are nothing but a pack of Judases betraying everything that is good and kind and is of true gospel.

Ever wonder my dear reader ,why they extend free airtime to another equally criminal organization called Crosstalk America produced by VCY AMERICA?

Well ,they know that those attracted by the fear and hate mongering they hear on Crosstalk, will stick around to listen to a little country gospel sounding music; and thereby increase the ratings of RBN!! That’s why!!…  And  the RATINGS are all that matters and nothing else. Not your stupid soul or your salvation  or your participation in their laughable family. It’s

s all about the money ,you idiots!!

This has been another TRUE LAMPLIGHTER MOMENT.

Till next time good Day and Good News to YOU!!

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