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The Lies Heard on Christian Radio and the Lying Liars Broadcasting Their Lies from out of the Studios of Rejoice Radio[RBN and VCY AMERICA ,Milwaukee Ws.

November 26, 2015

My  Christian  People: Everything you hear on Christian  broadcasting  is a carefully  contrived effort at radio theatre. Everything you listen to is designed to convince you of the broadcaster’s integrity and honesty. The same can be said of the many hundreds of televangelists that bombard the senses with sight and sounds ,befitting a stellar performance on Broadway. And the lineup is as sordid as it gets ;one quick glance at some of the cleverest charlatans to be seen anywhere on television , come at you leaping and falling backwards  ;singing and using a clever gibberish designed to impress the biblical  cognoscenti into believing they are hearing an angelic language.. commonly known as ” Speaking in tongues”..

It’s all a bunch of clownish buffoonery providing a bit of escapism to all the maintenance workers , welfare collectors and those In  perpetual need of pseudo-Christian entertainment. Whether  it’s a scam or not doesn’t enter in the minds of the marginalized, inside the forlorn community of Evangelical jerks ,believing that Benny Hinn can really make people fall  backwards..

There’s little doubt that today ,the Christian Faith is at a crossroads in its history. Whether it will survive or not is not dependent on the Will of the Almighty but by the intelligence of the faithful.
This is the necessary ingredient which will determine the future of the Christian faith;a faith many millions cling on to and place their trust in.
The decision to fight and survive or to slowly fade into the history books of lost hopes and dreams is entirely up to those who claim to know the Lord. It cannot be left to any other ,for no one else is concerned enough to defend and protect the Gospel other than those possessing a modicum of integrity and faith in its value.
This has been the problem from the beginning of our terrible dilemma. Simply relying on others to do for us ,what we can do for ourselves. For all true believers the adage : “God helps those who help themselves” is no idle expression but has a real and concrete meaning, that unless it is totally understood, will result in the abolishment of all that we hold as sacred and of beauty.

Today ,the biggest threat we face is found within the Christian broadcast media  ,which is totally under the control of some of this generation’s most evil human beings.. The simple, kind and trusting   nature  of those claiming to love the Lord has now been subjected to the exploitation by this nation’s most conniving and desperately wicked assembly of money-grubbing vultures and parasites  ;eager to cheat ,swindle and trick the Christian community out of every penny they possess.

The decision rests with each and every true Christian, to either  reject the total lies and fabrications heard on a daily basis on the  radio and the internet, or to be continually subjected to their clever exploitation.

The reason is simple: the long road back to health starts by eliminating the toxins from one’s body by cutting them off at the source.

It would be foolish for Christians to constantly complain about  the unhealthy nature of their existence while doing nothing to stamp out the very font of poison emanating from within their very own cultural and spiritual environment.  This would be the road to health, but unfortunately ,those who are getting rich at your expense know exactly how to keep you from regaining the sense of well-being you once enjoyed.

Most of the televangelists taking their toll on the Christian community  are relatively easy to figure out, and to see them for the fools and jackasses they truly are. This does not prevent them from amassing a huge fortune thanks to the abject stupidity of their viewership.

What the Christian Evangelical community must come to understand is that mistakes  or stupidity  in judgment  , which  puts its members at the mercy of all the clever charlatans pretending to be operating a legitimate ministry,   can have the same effects as committing  any grave sin. After all ,what is a sin but the commission of a mistake …offensive to god and man.

Making the  mistake of falling for all the scams being presented to you by televangelists puts you deep into the category of unrepented sinner.

The idea that a Christian can support these parasites and then look to the Almighty  to forgive your stupidity can only work  for a brief period of time. In other words you must do your due diligence and research before you support anyone’s ministry ;and this includes your local church.To do otherwise, is to provoke the Lord and to stand guilty of being a party to blasphemy and the   devil’s work.

So ,what do you need to do ? First things first , and this starts by examining the lifestyles of the rich and famous parasites and clever swindlers operating all Christian media channels.

If you can’t figure out the scumbags like Benny Hinn or Swaggart or any of the swindlers operating Trinity Broadcast headquarters of mass  deceptions, then there may very well be no hope for you ;and I would just as soon place you in the hands of the Almighty for his care.

But there is another long list of con artists operating in clever  hiding from out of the broadcast studios of America’s Christian RADIO industry.

These are the filthy lying scumbags who are making huge fortunes cheating and tricking the gullible stay at home idiots.. These are the clever scheming parasites that are  destroying the health of the Christian community from within and have been getting away with it for as long as there’s been a radio in the American home.

Time has come to reject these bastards as readily as you would any of the televangelists with whom you have been victimized by in the past.


Start by looking at one of this nation’s more successful enterprises called the REJOICE RADIO.ORG [RBN] ; this degenerate pack of lying cheats and make-believe Christians  have had a field day for many decades swindling the gullible out of their hard cash; and as a result, are now counted among the richest in the degenerate sunshine state of  Florida..

And again, first things first. Start by looking at the clever personalities that come at you from out of their hidden lofts and dimly lit studios . RBN operates out of Pensacola Florida and is known as the degenerate wife swapping capital of Dixie. What happens in Dixie stays in Dixie . And this means that you really have to put two and two together to get an accurate reading of what these clever vultures are up to.

On the surface there’s precious little which would be a cause for alarm. It’s what you can’t see or what the Christian public cannot readily decipher that will ensnare you, and cause you to participate in their evil schemes .

What is not readily spoken of is the source of their funding. The major  selling point they attempt to push on their naïve and gullible audience is that they are listener  supported. This works well with all the soft touches  among  the vast half-educated idiots looking to do  something with their excess cash.  The idea is : why not just hand it over to the likes of Mr. Gay Mattson or the other accomplished performers heard daily on RBN.

All the celebrities featured on RBN or any other  Christian radio station are there for one reason only ;and that is to draw as large a salary that the station owners are willing to pay them.

The money must show up as direct donations from the happy clappy crowd ,which more often than not, is merely used as  an indication of the popularity of the voices you hear on a regular basis. The thinking is ,if you like listening to Mr. Gay Mattson or the vile and filthy mouthed Rhonda Autry ,who is known for her profanity off the air ;or if you trust the calm and reassuring sounds from the mouth of Jimmy Mintz,  then  you will pony up and send in some cash. Jimmy is a pro in creating a false sense of confidence in the listener by way of folksy ,and cutesy vignettes designed to swindle and reach deep into the pockets of all the morons who are actually stupid enough to fall for his scam. They call his tricky act : Reflections by Jimmy. Check this hyena out for yourself.

But the real money comes from cold callous investors who simply use the auspices of a Christian non-profit organization to invest  in and make a huge financial killing ;all of which is compensated by the incredible gullibility of the Christian faith audience. This is the poison that will destroy the very fiber of Christian culture.

And it continues into all those connected with this totally fraudulent enterprise . It gushes out of the corrupted Florida sand dunes in the person of Dr.Joel Mullinex who heads the weekly sermonette service  from Pensacola Christian College. This joker is basically in charge of swindling the senior citizens out of their pensions or their estates…And he’s good at what he does.

Rejoice Radio is an effective adjunct to the all-powerful Pensacola Christian College which is the most hated pseudo-Christian religion institution in the Florida Panhandle. Hated not by atheists or Jews but by other smaller nickel and dime churches dying on the vine. Churches who in part depend on the tourist trade as much as any of the bars and strip joints in the Pensacola area. And so, the visitors[tourists] to the area flock to the larger PCC taking cash away from the smaller churches ,who just may be providing food and shelter to the needy.This explains better than anything else ,the abject fraudulent aims of everything associated with RBN.

The money these scumbags reap is truly amazing  and all of it goes directly into their pockets   or their investment portfolios.

And that is just one way to see these bags of excrement for what they truly are.

The main actors of this fraudulent enterprise have nothing to do with the Christian faith in terms of background. Mr. Gay Mattson or Jimmy Mintz. or Rhonda are nothing but clever performers living it up ,making huge sums pitching their phony Christian themed music and tricky con artistry.

But wait there’s more. And in reality there’s very much more. The interesting thing is their alliance with the filthy lying hate mongers operating out of the VCY AMERICA studios in Milwaukee. Since when is hate and fear mongering part of the true Gospel ,paid for by the blood of the Great Nazarene?

This organization that conducts an inflammatory hour-long talk show called CROSSTALK is so vile and vindictive that one wonders if the admonishment from the  pen of Martin Luther about : scripture only , faith only and so on ,have ever entered into the brains of their lunatic audience .

Here’s an example :

 “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things. 9The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.  ”

When you hear the filthy hatemongering and all of the  degenerate descriptions of perversions galore ;when you hear the details of botched abortions ,do you really think you are hearing the Gospel expressed by the Great Apostle?


Is this what these two filthy lying vultures Jim Schneider and Vic Eliason want you to contemplate?  Is this what Luther meant when he spoke about Scripture only by  Faith only?

All of these scumbags are making idiots out of you. Why do you support the bags of filth?

No one is America that has a shred of decency or morality will ever agree to be put on the Crosstalk program. So why do you dear Christian support these bags of excrement?


And as bad and filthy these vultures are they are allied to the RBN ;you know the ones that present heart warming Christian music;provided by that clever  bow-wow Bethany Crawford and that smelly bag of used tampons Rhonda Autry! It’s all a clever fraud designed to increase their ratings and so entice bigger investors to join in the scam and in so doing ,Mr. Gay Mattson, Jimmy Boy Mintz and Rhonda can continue to cash in.

Don’t fall for their lies and trickery.

No one with any degree of integrity or honesty will ever be part of RBN or VCY AMERICA.


Open your eyes Christian people. Can you name anyone appearing on RBN that has an ounce of honesty or decency about them? Is the Institute for Creation Research an honest organization or simply selling weird science by the page?  Are they telling you the truth or just waiting for cash grants from well-heeled investors looking to cash in on the phony unscientific six day creation scam?


Is Ken Ham an honest person?  here’s a guy set to make a bundle if his Noah’s  Ark lunacy pays off and yet ,this jackass can’t give an honest and straightforward explanation about how the dinosaurs managed to fit on the ark . All of which were captured and tamed by Noah  himself!

It’s all a big joke and you are the fool!

Stay clear of them and never support anything at all having to do with VCY AMERICA or the RBN network of music and message.

FINALLY,” GOD BLESS ALL YOU SAINTS!  ” thank you Mr. Smokey.  

Oh we have one more caller ;it’s Mark from Monroe, go ahead Mark.

“Well it’s all the fault of all those refugees from Syria and we really need to get rid of them ” thank you for your comment today!

oh, And one more thing Jim..

Sure ,go ahead..

Chronicles 7:14:

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

“And that’s my comment”

and thank you for your comment..

























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