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The Root of All Evil is Highly Prized by Those in Christian Broadcast Ministry: Rejoice Broadcast Network[RBN] Among the Most Evil.

April 20, 2016

..My Fellow Christians: If money is understood to be the root cause  of all evil, then can it be also said that the evil is   best  seen not in   possession of money,  nor even its  creation, but rather in the perversions it produces ..

What greater perversion can be understood to exist than when the rich make demands on the poor for  their money, to the end of furthering their decadent lifestyles. This is exactly what we see taking place on a daily basis throughout the Christian social landscape  ;which includes: Christian radio broadcasters , televangelists , and even your local church.

It doesn’t take long to come to this realization  after listening to the carefully contrived presentations, put forth by one of the best in the phony racketeering pseudo-Christian broadcast business :the decadent and fraudulent Rejoice Radio[RBN]..This  broadcast outfit has been operating for decades with relative impunity; and has been getting away with one of the biggest perversions of all time. Their unique ability to convince their listeners that they are in need of immediate cash or else they will probably have to go off the air due to the inability to pay their end of month operating expenses ,is one of  many money generating devices used to pull the wool over the eyes of  all the  gullible morons who actually believe this garbage.

RBN is one of the wealthiest broadcast operators in this highly competitive business whose main goal is to accumulate as much wealth as possible ,in the shortest amount of time. And this doesn’t begin to give an adequate   understanding    of  the accumulated wealth enjoyed by the various and sundry  celebrities heard daily during their day in ,day out offerings of music and messaging.

The cast of characters employed by RBN   are so incredibly filled with cunning deceit that one would be hard pressed to find anything else in  Christian Radio to compare  them with.

The  4-5 voices you hear daily are those of the long time employees  hired years ago ,for their acting and public speaking attributes. This must be understood, because essentially Christian broadcasting is a communication business requiring  a steady and credible oral presentation to be made  ;to convince one and all that they can  send in their cash to the vultures operating behind the scenes with assurance ,and in total confidence that they are truly a legitimate Christian enterprise. Nothing could be further from the truth!

RBN has perfected this scheme using many different techniques, but the one which brings them  in the most in cash and  ratings is the musical repertoire, combining the old but still popular :”amazing grace “genre of  nostalgic sentimentality. And what most never quite understand is that ratings for any radio business  is pure money in the  bank for any operator.   With high ratings a radio station can obtain loans , expand operations and transmission towers and hire more help. So ,in effect merely listening to    RBN , is the same as supporting them financially because that’s exactly what the jerks in their audience are doing without realizing it.

But none of that is enough for the vultures operating and  directing    the workings of this notorious but well heeled organization called REJOICE RADIO. Yes ,the rejoicing comes in the form of envelopes filled with checks and cold hard cash . The cries of pure joy arise throughout the evil RBN studios located deep in the underground of Pensacola Christian College  ;conveniently located in the buckle of the bible belt: Pensacola Florida. This city on the Gulf is so drenched with every form of unspeakable perversions, that the staff of RBN routinely refer to it as the GAY RIVIERA…


Support for Rejoice Radio can be given in the following ways:

When the money is counted it then goes into the petty cash draw where vultures like Mr. Gay Mattson,  Mr. JIMMY MINTZ. and the incredibly evil Rhonda Autry  can use it for daily expenses. Rhonda is a disgusting animal known for her cruelty and off the air vulgarities at various cock tail parties she is required to frequent . That’s part of her job description that not only helps the business she’s in  but helps her to make the vital contacts needed for her own singing career . Rhonda is incredibly wealthy and often brags about the property she owns ,nestled against the sandy beaches of Florida’s  Gulf Coast.

The situation is basically the same with Mr. Gay Mattson who learned  the  “Art of the Deal” by reading how it’s done and applying it to Florida’s hot real estate market.

Mattson sold his rotten soul to the devil many years ago when he drifted into Pensacola looking for a teaching job ,but instead landed at the  doorstep of Pensacola’s number one pseudo religion institution and quickly got hired to not only teach the imbeciles attending the phony College but was quickly seen as an asset in the lucrative business of fraudulent Christian Radio.The reason was simply that Mattson had the voice of credibility ;he was glib and had an excellent command of language;which to this day, he expertly  uses to deceive and trick the  hayseeds out of their paychecks or  at least a good portion of it.

This gang of professional swindlers has a long history of tricking the less informed but the remedy is not that hard to fathom ;the easiest way to see these lying scumbags for the clever frauds they are is to simply call them or in someway ask them to  furnish you with a list of their end of month operating expenses . In fact  it would be far more useful to ask them to publish their full year expense and income statement, so as to further clarify the situation. Of course they will never do this ,because they are LYING to you and have been fabricating the truth for these  past many years. This is how all of these clever vultures have grown so incredibly rich. This is how the fraudulent pastor Dr. Joel Mullinex can make the claims ,he is often heard making, about the need to support Rejoice Radio . He does it with all of the connivance of the professional staff of lying scum heard throughout the day.

The list of fraudulent ways the jokers running things at RBN use to generate cash is truly amazing ,the lies they tell  are nothing short of pure perversion .. For money they gleefully betray the body of Christ . And dare you to do something about it. This is one of the many perversions  readily seen  taking  place within the studios of RBN. This is something rarely understood: that here we have some extremely wealthy Christian radio businessmen and broadcast celebrities taking advantage of the naïve and gullible to increase their own financial situations  under the false pretense of promoting a ministry of sorts. Nothing could be further from the truth!

But with an increase in their money making ability comes the added perversions of greed and betrayal on an even grander scale.

A MAJOR TENTACLE in the never ending process of exploiting the naïve and innocent children of God.

And here it is:


“AND  this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.”

2 Corinthians 9:6
This verse is selected along with the more often used :
English Standard Version
give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”
Here the goal is to get you to believe that the more you  give  to these vultures the better chance you get in doubling or tripling your investment!
The two verses mentioned above are the most readily used by every scam, artist in the sordid world of televangelism and are known to produce the desired results .
This is another  example of pure perversion taking place right before your eyes and the  jerks which sponsor these clever frauds are found right there where you would expect them to be : on the RBN Rejoice Radio circuit of lies and deception.
HERE is how ICR tricks the gullible imbeciles who still believe the Earth is Flat .

For over 45 years, the Institute for Creation Research has led the fight to defend the faith by exploring and explaining God’s matchless creation as expressed in Scripture. Through the years, many have partnered with ICR by “sowing bountifully” with their resources, enabling the Creator’s mighty message to be sown in the hearts of mankind through our vital and unique work. For this, we are deeply thankful.

“It seems that no matter how many books we read, we are always being introduced to something new or are made aware of our God in a new way that causes us to rejoice.”
“ICR’s mission is critical to calling back the church to her biblical roots—keep up the hard work!”
“I will continue to support the Lord’s Kingdom work through ICR as long as I am able.”
—from Texas

If you would like to contribute to ICR, donations can be mailed to:

All of this is nothing but a pack of lies designed to cheat you out of your hard cash.

Institute for Creation Research
P. O. Box 59029
Dallas, TX 75229

If you would like to make an online donation, click here.

Looking for ICR’s financials? Click here. Through sound biblical stewardship and our Lord’s provision, ICR has remained debt free since our inception over 45 years ago. For more details, see our latest audited financial statement.

Call these scumbags and they will refuse to speak with you .

Most of their cash comes from various trusts and special interest groups established back in the day when Christians were still arguing over the Scopes Monkey Trial..

For more information, please contact ICR’s Stewardship Department at or call 800.337.0375.

As a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry, all gifts to ICR are completely tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

In fact ,this outfit has done more to create apostasy within the ranks of the Christian community than any organized gang of atheists would’ve ever dreamed of doing. This was easily done by creating conflict  where  there should be none… The bible is NOT a science book and was never written to be.. That is the source of  made up conflict.

The schemers running ICR cannot give you an intelligent answer about the age of dinosaurs or how the various races of man came into existence. Interesting how their childish answers are not fit for a Sunday  school gathering. but somehow are presented in a credible enough fashion able to deceive the half -educated morons in the bible belt…. Ask these swindlers to explain the origins of the Pygmy  races ;did they descend from Noah’s progeny or not?  .. How did the huge dinosaurs fit on Noah’s Ark?   I guess you can leave that question for Ken Ham, another mass marketing swindler creating conflict with the church for no reason but to enhance his financial status and to become the next Donald real estate Trump  or possibly the next Walt  Disney ..In any case ,it will be YOU my dear Evangelical jerk  that will pay the  freight for either one of these two swindlers.  

The many schemes used by the pros at Rejoice Radio to  cheat their customers  are  myriad and form a long laundry list of deceptions too long to list here. But one that cannot go without mention is the connection between RBN and the most hate filled hour on Christian radio: the traitorous Judas inspired Cross Talk call in program ,presented by the unfortunate VCY AMERICA NETWORK of  swindle and fraud. Here you have a stupid but useful idiot by the name of Mr. Jim Schneider serving as the talk show host on this hour of shame and treason. This jackass has made really good money fronting for the Jewish world plague in all of its sundry forms.

And Jim is happy to take the bucks from the sworn enemies of the Lord. He is only too happy to please this vermin even to the extent of  allowing the name of Christ to be routinely dishonored and subjected to blasphemy. Yes, Jim wants you to take a stand for the Gospel ,but does he? Does he tell his Jewish friends what awaits their eternal future if they refuse to accept the Gospel of the Risen Lord?  No, not hardly;Jim runs for cover and that’s how the milquetoast bastard keeps his job: running away from the international maggots churning their cauldron of blood and inviting the weak minded jerks in the Evangelical community to join in and to place their hands in as well.

At some point ,the Christian Community must say enough is enough and endeavor to put ALL of these frauds and swindlers out of business before the last remnant of true religion is washed off the   face of the earth.

Listen carefully what the lying scum over at RBN is telling you and do not be afraid to ask them the hard questions like: can you produce a financial statement maybe? Or how much money does Mr. Gay Mattson earn each year?

Until nest time my dear people: May God Bless all you Saints!


stupid - csp1986303AND THAT”S MY COMMENT!

THE VCY AMERICA nest of hyenas and judases! Beware of this gang all cost.

This is what it looks like.

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