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REJOICE RADIO [RBN] from the studios of Pensacola Christian College will once again bring you two days worth of financial swindle ,they lovingly call:A SHARE A THON. …………………………….. My Fellow Christians: As night follows day ,the clever religion hustlers situated in their radio studios on the campus of Pensacola Christian College [RBN] will soon be offering you an opportunity to support their financial scheme, to further enrich themselves at your expense. This is a clever scheme they’ve been putting over America’s most gullible elements over the years ,and takes the form of using time-tested tactics to create a thin veneer of pseudo Christian religiosity ;sufficient enough to convince the helpless and totally unaware listeners that their motives are honest and as pure as the wind-driven snow. Nothing could be further from the truth than for anyone to believe this concoction of deceit and unmitigated fraud being pressed down on the brow of a totally unsuspecting audience , consisting primarily of local yokels and assorted Evangelical hayseeds. ……. The best way to understand what these gifted swindlers are up to is to carefully listen to their presentation, and as hard as it may seem, try to determine whether the clever and contrived offerings of religious sentimentality are coming from the presenters themselves or as a result of the music and messaging they have deliberately prepared for you to swallow down. ……………………………….. In other words, have they prepared a theatrical presentation ,purposely designed for you , to render you emotionally unable to determine the total extent of their fraudulent and deceitful enterprise. That’s the question. ………………………………………..My Dear Christian People, just because someone tells you that they are a Christian does not give them the right to deceive you or to trick you. As a Christian you are under no obligation to allow yourselves to be cheated or swindled by any gang of conniving frauds pretending to be something they clearly are not. The lure of easy money is very hard to resist and many are drawn away from the True Gospel to enrich themselves at the expense of the less astute found among the Evangelical Community. And the filthy lying bastards and assorted cheats and lying scum working their two-day SHARE A THON scheme [RBN]…are some of the best in the sordid world of taking advantage of others , in the name of the Great Nazarene. Those who engage in these practices are nothing more than the very scum of humanity and should be shunned wherever they are found. .. The real problem the Christian Faith Community finds itself in , appears at first glance to be quite perplexing but can be deciphered once a working knowledge of just how easy it is to trick those who least expect to be foiled can be put over on those most vulnerable to deceit. Those frauds and tricksters working their scam over the airwaves [Christian Broadcasters] will obviously use the spoken word to accomplish the task of defrauding you out of your cash. …These jokers depend on a tight-knit cast of can artists who they employ to deliver the right message and so the process takes hold in the minds of America’s dumbest segment of society: the Baptist Evangelical Fundamentalist happy clappy crowd of born again morons. And quite often it has more to do with what you do not hear during these days of swindle than what they wish for you to hear and digest……………………………………………………Take as an example the often used pitch that RBN is a listener supported enterprise. And there’s a bit of truth to that ;when have you heard of a broadcasting business survive without some kind of support from their listeners? A radio station without listeners is worthless. It doesn’t matter how modern and hi tech the equipment being used ,if no one is listening ,it then is rendered useless and worthless. A faithful listenership is vital to the success of any Broadcast Network ;so when RBN pitches to you that they need your support ,the truth is that just by listening ,you grant them all the support they need. This is why they have remained on the air for as long as they have. .. With a faithful listenership, the value of RBN increases annually and that’s as good as having money in the bank. This allows them to obtain loans from the local banks in the Pensacola area and the collateral they put up is their listening audience. You are the reason why they can do that…You allow them to get the vital loans from banks they need ,to keep their non stop fraud going strong throughout the year. … The RBN enterprise is simply used as a financial holding company whereby private investors donating cash into the system ,obtain in exchange, the benefits derived from being a partner in any faith-based organization. In other words these vultures are using the benefits accruing to a charity or a religious institution as a means to conduct their private financially rewarding business transactions under the cover of a charity or some other benevolent enterprise. And this is why these vultures are the reprobates of human society. There’s nothing they will not do ;there’s nothing they will not say to enrich themselves at your expense. And so it is my Comrades that the True Cause of Christ and His Gospel is left wanting. And in fact is left open to ridicule.

March 18, 2017
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