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Rejoice Broadcast Network : The Masters of Deceit . Taking Advantage of the Gullible in the Christian Community .

March 22, 2017


 Craig is a master of  DECEIT

My Christian People: Do not allow yourselves to be tricked or deceived by those in the  Christian Broadcast Media attempting to take advantage of your natural  inclination to trust all those who claim to be involved in a Christian  ministry. This is how these vultures obtain the great riches they now enjoy while you remain poverty stricken in comparison.

Do not support ,either financially or in any other way. Try to understand that these swindlers are simply trying to get you to financially support and nothing else.

This is what they do for a living …a   living  which enables them to amass great wealth for themselves and their families while you struggle to meet the payments you are obligated to pay.

All the clever swindlers you listen to are making easy money at your expense.

This is how they support their luxury lifestyle and get to do what you will only dream of someday doing. They are in fact laughing at your stupidity.


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