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ARK ENCOUNTER or Six Day Creation Museum. A Christian Dilemma or Cunning Deceptions .Heard Daily on Rejoice Radio[RBN]…and VCY AMERICA.

July 1, 2017

My Dear Christian People: The many and varied dilemmas besetting  today’s Christian Community have come about as a result of ignorance and the inability to understand that for every problem man faces, there is a solution. What is required is to make the proper diagnosis ,and this can only come from those untainted by the lure of easy money  or  the tremendous incompetence  of those found in today’s church denominations and their fraudulent cowardly leadership.

Every Christian must understand that there is no dark phantom hovering over the head of honest humanity, trying to trick the unsuspecting into the mire of depravity,  which will lead invariably into a state of dissolution… All of the problems the Christian Community faces in America are caused by certain elements in mankind . And can only be corrected by others having a more positive worldview and a greater understanding of our current  situation.

In this case ,  a proper diagnosis is required and a sincere determination to find the source of the toxins which have entered the bloodstream of the nation’s  body of believers … Given the trusting nature of those in the Christian faith community ,only too willing to allow these vital tasks to   the conniving and  unworthy  ;and so time and time again ,failure compounds with failure ,until the  time comes that the only reasonable explanation the less astute can make ,is  to blame the Almighty or any other convenient scapegoat.

In recent days, this has taken the form of blaming other faiths ,such as: the Islamic or anyone else, too weak or too  disinterested  to defend themselves  of the charges and blame ,directed at them ;to satisfy the feelings of incompetence and impotence soaring through the vast majority of Christian faithful.

The situation is further strained by those, who seeing the utter stupidity existing within the walls of Christendom begin to exploit the gullible for financial enrichment.

Those engaged in the infamy are as varied as  there are  criminal minds and evil people in the world. The only limitations to their callous behavior,  are their own dark imaginations.

Given the sordid history of televangelism ,it shouldn’t be too hard for the average person to glance into the face of pure evil in America . One look at the contrived antics of scumbags like Benny Hinn or Jimmy Swaggart should be enough to arouse suspicion even   among any  of America’s most naïve and idiotic  pew warmers and obedient cash donors or book buyers.

The Churches have become social centers designed to give the appearance of religious activity ,but in fact, simply provide  membership to those less socially  desirable in the secular world…..for a tithe or a huge goodwill  gift …This can explain the popularity of clever Pastors such as Joel Osteen, whose personal fortune remains one of the greatest man-made  insults to the integrity of the Gospel of the Living Christ.

But it doesn’t end here. One must truly attempt to comprehend, without any  defense or excuse, the extent of the abject ignorance the Christian community is currently mired in..

Only then ,can there be any reason to believe, that   a remedy can be achieved.

As long as the idiots in the church continue to financially reward the parasites exploiting their rank  stupidity ,there will never be an end to the  many dilemmas facing the faithful  going forward.

Whereas, the more obvious some  of these vultures and hyenas have become  over the years, and with  their  many scandals coming to light  ;it still remains  that for those  unable to understand the nature of  these deceptions, and how they are being exploited  even  during  moments when they least expect to be ripped off ,and this ,during their radio listening hours ;and so.. . The swindles continue..

Of course I’m referring to Christian Broadcasters ,of which their numbers are myriad.

Very hard not to run into  these smart know it all jerks once you turn to  the end of your A.M. or FM dial.  Also, hard not to come across is one of the best in the business of Christian radio fraud and highway robbery ,the one and only REJOICE RADIO [RBN] broadcasting from their home station in Pensacola, in the studios of  Pensacola  Christian College. These filthy lying reprobates have truly perfected  the art of Christian swindle.

Over the years ,they’ve put together a very skilled  team  of glib     performers designed to cheat you and to trick you  out of your cash. The skill comes into play ,when they can pull it off without blinking an eye or missing a beat. They know how to cheat and lie and create feelings of guilt and obligation . All this, designed to get your financial support, so as to continue their lifestyle of high living , they’ve grown accustomed to. All the while ,those in their listening audience, struggle day in and day out, trying to make ends meet. Many in their listenership are hardly  capable of making any  financial decision. Large numbers  of  their audience lack the mental wherewithal or competency   to make or enter into any sort of financial commitment to any organization. non compos mentis

Non compos mentis – Legal Dictionary


non compos mentis. (nahn calm-pose meant-is) adj. referring to someone who is insane, or not mentally competent to conduct one’s affairs. 

…All this   means little to the gang of money hungry monstrosities running the show over at REJOICE RADIO[RBN].. They will gladly take money and exploit even the least among us [non compos   mentis ]    to enhance their own financial well-being. And all of which, goes into living a degenerate and totally reprobate lifestyle  :a la  Swaggart , Joel Osteen  or  Jim Bakker of PTL fame.. Remember that filthy lying bastard?

These vultures rely on the naiveté and gullibility of their audience ,which has in fact, grown over the years to the point that other equally gifted swindlers have  taken note and compete with each other for prime positioning on  RBN’s  broadcast schedule.

In other words, they  try to fit the con artist ,waiting to make his pitch ,at the most appropriate time of day. The time when there’s more likely to be a receptive number of ears , unable to separate fact from fraud.

The [RBN] scum operating their scam on Christian Radio have really perfected their ability to put over a credible performance designed to cheat the idiots in their  listenership. All of this only helps further the spread of the Jewish world plague ,which has as its eternal goal the subjection of the True Gospel of the Great Nazarene.

The more dumbed down the Christian community becomes ,thanks to Christian Broadcasters such as RBN ,the greater the laughter  from the international maggots ,relishing their ability to use the Christian community as a  battering ram against itself.  These diabolical monstrosities, encourage with gusto everything you hear from out of the mouth  of these infamous Judases,   such as: the entire staff of Rejoice Radio.

If I had to choose just  one from the steady menu of invited guests and fellow travelers heard daily on RBN ,the most dangerous of the lot is the incredibly fraudulent : INSTITUTE FOR CREATION RESEARCH. What is particularly dangerous about these clowns is that for  even someone with a modicum  amount of education ,they come across as nothing but a bunch of deluded jokers. But that’s exactly what makes them so nefarious and dangerous to the cause of the Gospel. These are the very scumbags that warm the hearts of the monstrosities within the Jewish world plague.

..What better way is there to turn the compelling narrative of the life of Christ into a meaningless and silly exercise in futility than to tie the Great Nazarene into   the simpleton’s version    of    Genesis ; the literal Flood Story and the literal six-day creation allegory. And this has been the goal of the sworn enemies of the Lord Jesus for 2000 years. This has been the aim of the Jewish world plague not only in America but throughout Christendom.

The tactics, the sordid cast of characters from the ICR gang sounding off ,seem to follow the tried and true strategy of all others plying their trade in 30 pieces of silver.

The honcho of the gang is the venerable senile senior:
  . Founded by Dr. Henry Morris in 1970, ICR exists to conduct scientific research within the realms of origins and Earth history, and then to educate the public both formally and informally through graduate and professional training programs, through conferences and seminars around the country, and through books, magazines, and media presentations.

This  character may very well be suffering from a delusion which can occur to those who over a long period of time begin to believe  their own  idiotic scams and the underlying reasoning associated with them. I strongly urge that this venerable  gentleman be placed under arrest and lovingly placed in a padded cell  so as to not harm himself or anyone else.

ALL THIS IS VERY TYPICAL of the clever scams being used throughout the fraudulent Christian Broadcasting Industry.

Everything they say or present to the public in terms of intimidating the easy to fool ,matches what the other con job presentations, heard daily on the RBN  Network.

There must be a market in six-day creation literal version of  Genesis or there wouldn’t be so many others in the same line of deception.

All one need do is look at the clever Six Day Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter theme park to fully understand the extent of the deceptions permeating throughout the Christian culture ,turning it into a laughing  stock. All of which enhances the sworn enemies of Christ; and while con artists like Ken  Ham continue to thrive and prosper ,the Jews in the media chuckle up their sleeves ,awaiting the day when the Gospel message no longer has any relevancy in the world.

All thanks to scum like Ken Ham  and all the  fraudsters operating the RBN Rejoice Radio Network who profiteer in 30 pieces of silver while the Jewish world plague continues to spread  the  toxins  debilitating the health and hygiene of even the elect of God.

For all those who believe that Ken Ham is on a mission to spread the truth ,it may be well advised to take a closer look at some of the finances involved in Ken’s  monuments to fraud and deliberate biblical manipulation.

With the Creation Museum hemorrhaging money each year, you would imagine belts around the Ham house would be tight. But this does not seem to be the case according to findings by WCPO-TV in Cincinnati.

According to a report by the station Answers in Genesis, the parent company of the museum employs several of Ham’s family members and pays them a great deal in combined salary. 

Those family members were Renee Hodge, Ham’s daughter, who earned $34,000 that fiscal year; Danielle Johnson, another daughter, who earned $19,767; Kristel Ham, a third daughter, who earned $13,312; Jeremy Ham, a son, who earned $40,166; David Hodge, Ham’s son-in-law, who earned $59,973; Susan Ham, a daughter-in-law, who earned $21,002; and Stephen Ham, Ken Ham’s brother, who earned $74,856. Ham himself, who is the organization’s CEO, had $193,361 in total compensation that year.


Altogether, Ham and his family members received a total of $456,437 in compensation from Answers in Genesis Inc. in fiscal 2012-13. That amounts to 4.4 percent of the $10.4 million in total compensation-related expenses that the organization reported that year. That figure includes payroll, insurance, pension accrual and payroll taxes.

The individual salaries of employees are not outrageous for a non-profit, but Ham’s personal salary certainly is when combined with the fact the organization is losing money. The same report finds that:

According to the Form 990, Answers in Genesis had $19 million in total revenue during fiscal 2012-13, versus $19.5 million in total expenses.

AiG lost half a million dollars, yet Ham didn’t seem to tighten his or his families belts at all!

More shocking is that Ham is begging for donations to finish his Ark Encounter project, demanding taxpayer money all while making just under $200,000  a year, and that’s in 2013, I am sure he has given himself a nice raise by now.

If Ham really believed the work he was doing was so important, wouldn’t it reason he would live on as little money as possible and try to spend much more money on spreading his message?

Well so much for Ken’s determination to get the Christian community back on the right biblical track.. We know what you’re up to Ken…

Image result for pygmies photos

The Pygmy tribesmen with an anthropologist from a different people grouping should clearly put the lie to the notion that all who bear the human likeness are equal.. The question for the enquiring mind is for Ken Ham or his acolytes to

explain is  from which one of Noah’s family did these  folks descend  from .

Not an easy thing to explain . But does require a clever game plan as was used in past days  to justify slavery among other ideologies.Then,  Blacks and Pygmies were   simply relegated to the trash bin of creation. For their forbear mocking Noah’s  nudeness and which resulted  in their having  the curse of Black skin, misshapen body sizes ,including animal sized genitalia ..All this coming in the form of an eternal punishment.


This is the usual result when Fundamentalists are forced to conform their literal interpretations of scripture despite scientific findings to the contrary.

For many centuries the Christian faith community insisted the Earth was the center of the universe and fought to keep this idea  alive. The belief, confirmed in scripture was that the sun orbited the Earth rather than the other way around. And did not Joshua make the sun stand still?.. for additional sunlight.. Clearly the Earth did not figure in since it was then understood to be a set fixture in the Universe.

Science has come a long way since the writing of the aforementioned Scriptural passages and now we have clever parasitic con artists reviving the old controversy over the literal account of Genesis.

As if the Skopes monkey trial had never happened . As if St. Augustine had not put these types of matters to rest by explaining that religion and science are separate realms  ;One to be understood by faith and the other [science]by provable evidence ..

Today, the Christian faith community finds itself unable to break free from the quandary of having to read all scripture as being one long book. And this  in total ignorance that  each book of the bible is independent in  meaning and purpose and was written to convey varying truths ;some to be believed literally and others metaphorically.  All this came to be as a holdover from the Protestant Reformation ;when little was known of the natural world ;and all scripture had to be of one mind and one accord ;to better serve    as a stick to beat the  Vatican with.  What a shame!

What has happened is simply a horde of criminal minded scum of humanity  ..who are neither theologians  or   pastors have colluded with those not being biologists or scientists, so as  to defraud the less astute members of Christendom. This has  resulted in huge profits across the board ,in selling idiotic literature claiming to  scientifically prove   the Flood Story for Dummies  or the Idiot’s Guide to the talking  snake story or the woman out of a rib story.

And due to the rank stupidity of a large percentage of Christians ,these charlatans have been successful. Sadly Christians have yet to equate this kind of fraud with their own dilemmas dealing with immorality and their sense of  powerlessness in the culture at large.

Our current materialistic society does not suffer fools; and this is exactly how Fundamentalists are seen as being ,and as a result  ,the way they are treated..

Time to wake up.

Keep in mind that only the sworn enemies of the Cross rejoice in Christendom’s decline and downfall. This is what the Jewish world plague has been waiting to happen for  almost 2000 years; the chance to watch Christendom implode on its own stupidity and self-induced gullibility.

The answer to our current catastrophe can only be found in the common sense reasoning the Almighty has given to all. In few words ,nothing will change in the destiny of Christ’s followers until and unless the environment changes in which Christians find themselves.

It is the environment which determines who and what we are.

The one connecting thread which unites  humanity with a certain basic sameness is that  everyone is a product of their environment and their education;which can include  influences from family ,friends and  educators. To change our environment from its current state of spiritual  putrefaction into something envisioned by the Great Nazarene ,changes must take place, and a new culture must be slowly nurtured into being.

Everyone must do their part. The part you play is determined  by your own moral  standing and condition…   Are you married to a divorced woman ? Then you are married to a whore. .. Do you look at porn ? Then you are unfit to be a leader in any Christian endeavor. Does your teenage daughter dress like a streetwalker than you are  unfit  ,not only as a parent ,but totally ineffective in defending the Cross of Christ from its sworn enemies ,the Jewish world plague.

Remember my Dear Fellow Christians , that the environment upon which we all must live determines our traits and characteristics ,just as the natural environment determined the racial features of the Pygmy people living in Equatorial Africa ,so will our cultural and spiritual environment determine who you are as Christian Faithful.

Do not let the lying sacks of excrement running things at RBN or all of the six day creation idiots  swindling you everyday of the week from the INSTITUTE FOR CREATION RESEARCH tell you anything different. The laws of nature cannot be amended and what Christ envisioned for his faithful followers cannot but conform to these unchangeable laws. .. Would the living Christ have us defy the laws of nature?

These basic laws can serve as the basis for all Christendom to follow.

How to further the environment can only be determined by  your current situation.

Do you listen and support the swindlers you hear on Christian Radio? If you do you are allowing the Jewish poison to enter the bloodstream of your entire family.

.. My Comrades, pour toxins onto the soil and eventually the very same toxins and poison will enter the life’s bloodstream of all living things existing on the very same soil.

Allow the Jewish poison to enter your homes by the mass media and the poison will affect your very behavior and eventually will poison your spiritual being.

The Christian Broadcasters in America are servants of Satan and the Anti-Christ ,giving aid and comfort to the Jewish plague, secretly opposing the Christ of Salvation.  And who in secret, ridicule and  mock the Holy  Trinity and regard the Christian belief that God has a son as a silly and childish notion. All this ,while they curry favor with Christians to aid them in the final destruction of the Palestinian people.

The Jews in the media with their lackeys in all major denominations engage in hate and fear mongering  to intice you to  join them in their bloody agenda of world dominance. The hate they spread creates fear in the gullible brain of Christians and has the desired effect of joining together, with these international maggots to defeat the 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide.

How stupid can the gullible fools in Christendom must be ,to believe you can defeat Lucifer by joining forces with Belzeebub..!!

The ICR is clearly a very dangerous enterprise ,creating laughter in the dark and blood drenched alleys of Judaism. These charlatans are turning the compelling and victorious Gospel of Christ into a childish comic book series by insisting in the literal translation of Genesis, in opposition to accepted science. And they do it to get your cash.

The effect they look for is to create a war between science and religion. A war that religion cannot win. And in this manner ,these idiots at ICR  hand an easy victory to the enemies of the Cross and a mouthful of defeat to the true faithful.


The earliest Homo sapiens fossils ever found have been unearthed at a site in Morocco, in northwest Africa—far away from the “cradle of humanity” of southern and East Africa we tend to associate with the birthplace of our species.

At the cave site of Jebel Irhoud, researchers discovered the fossil remains of five individuals dating back 300,000 years. They were found alongside stone tools, animal bones and charcoal, indicating the controlled use of fire.

This discovery pushes back the oldest fossil evidence of our own species by 100,000 years—the previous oldest Homo sapiens remains came from Omo Kibish, in Ethiopia, and date to 195,000 years ago.


Two studies  scientists document the morphological features of the fossils, showing how this early version of a human would have looked remarkably like what we do today. The other paper focuses on the dating of the site, with scientists using new techniques to establish how old the tools and remains were.

The fossils unearthed are not true Homo sapiens, the researchers note. They have a variety of features—while their cranium appears archaic, belonging to an earlier ancestor, their facial features are remarkably close to modern-day humans. Because of these features, the team say the site “documents early stages of the Homo sapiens clade in which key features of modern morphology were established.”
In total, the researchers located remains of five individuals—one of them a child. They were able to identify them through bits of skull, teeth and longer bones.

Finding such ancient evidence of early humans so far from where we thought our species began raises a multitude of questions. It also produces a hugely complicated picture of what could have been happening across Africa in terms of hominin dispersal and the various factors that would eventually lead our species to become what it is today.

“We used to think that there was a cradle of mankind 200,000 years ago in East Africa, but our new data reveal that Homo sapiens spread across the entire African continent around 300,000 years ago.






















































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