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July 8, 2017

My Fellow Christians: Once upon a time ,the consensus of opinion among the world’s secular and religious centers of learning was that the world was flat.. . While this notion may be entirely passé and may result in chuckles of derision.. ,it is possible today to look back in time to catch a  quick glance    at the mindset  ,prevalent at  that time in human history.  Just as then, when few understood the principles of scientific  methodology ,today we can still see the same forces at work  ,attempting to undermine all that mankind has learned about the natural world.

 Can you see the close relationship  in the  features of Bodie Hodge and those of the gentlemen above?

What does this prove …

AboutBodie Hodge, Speaker, Author and Researcher with Answers in Genesis”Creation vs Evolution:  Is Genesis Relevant?”
It proves that Bodie is one of America’s premier creationist pseudo science fraudsters ,plying his trade in deceit , daily swindling the gullible herky jerky crowd of poorly educated imbeciles listening avidly to CROSSTALK  radio programming.

 Dear Reader: Are you a steady listener to REJOICE RADIO?  Do not be tricked by the  clever acting you hear from the mouths of RBN’s cast of accomplished actors.

They employ female voices to deceive you into thinking they are sincere. THEY ARE NOT!

Many of the women working for REJOICE RADIO  are often seen in the company of Colored men.


The Institute  for Creation  Research is one such organization that has over the years , helped to stymie scientific progress ,by appealing to all those in the Christian Evangelical Fundamentalist denomination to reject commonly accepted discoveries regarding the natural world and its evolutionary development in favor of the  exact and literal interpretations found in the Book of Genesis .

And these appeals carry with them the same  traits and characteristics of fraud and deception , as one finds anywhere one cares to look , throughout  the sordid world of Christian Broadcasting and televangelism.

Their methods are plain to see ;they involve a certain element of fear mongering by insisting that unless the literal interpretation of Genesis is used to  co-opt Scientific  Discoveries then no other part of scripture can be trusted to be factual or  even remotely truthful.

My Fellow Christians: Once upon a time ,the consensus of opinion among the world’s secular and religious centers of learning was that the world was flat… While this notion may be entirely passé and may result in chuckles of derision.. ,it is possible today to look back in time to catch a quick glance at the mindset ,prevalent at that time in human history. Just as then, when few understood the principles of scientific methodology ,today we can still see the same forces at work ,attempting to undermine all that mankind has learned about the natural world.


Under a slightly different setting, the Jimmy Swaggart phony baloney Crusade Corp. and the equally offensive PTL CLUB headed by the childishly sincere JIM BAKKER used the time and true methods of instilling fear into their audiences by  appealing to their Christian sentimentality and obligating them with the burden of supporting children’s  philanthropies and homes for the retarded such as ,”Kevin’s Place “.  They reaped  many millions with just these two scams.

In the case of ICR they are counting on creating the idea in the minds  of the most gullible among us, that to deny the precise interpretation of creation  found in Genesis ,down to the jot and tittle, is somehow a betrayal of the word of God in general.

Nothing could be further from the truth. While it is hard to know the exact intentions of the ICR organization ,certainly financial reward plays a big part of it.

They have done more to create havoc in the minds of many Christians in America , especially the  young, that it is hard to find any sympathy for what they are engaged in doing. More of the nation’s  youth find it easy to walk away from the Gospel of Salvation, if it is presented in such a contrarian way to what they know  to be  accepted science.

What Christians need to understand is that  every scientific discovery also carries with it a spiritual component. Is the setting of the sun over the ocean waves any less  inspiring ;is it any less indicative of the Almighty’s aesthetic     powers of    creation, knowing that it’s the earth that orbits the sun and not the other way around.??

And yet, most Christians do not understand the struggle that men of science endured to bring these simple truths to the mind of man.

What Galileo accomplished by pointing to the earth’s true position in the universe  ,is matched by what  Charles Darwin brought to light some  centuries later ,   in  defining mankind’s      true  role   on planet earth.  The natural laws that govern humanity cannot be challenged. Any conflict between religion and science,.. it must be religion that yields. Why would any thinking human being defy the laws of gravity ? Why would any  sane person try to defy the laws of  electromagnetism?..

The ICR org. attempts to trick and deceive the masses by their mantra that true science must be seen and must be proven by empirical evidence  and everything else is not true science. This then allows them the clever and totally baseless contention that since the events outlined in the first two chapters of Genesis were never witnessed, therefore they are also fit to be both studied on an equal footing, alongside any other scientific  hypothesis.

Do you now see what a bunch of lying bums these ICR characters truly are.?

They fail to mention that most of what we know has come about as hypothesis and with  it ,endless trial and error experimentations; and this is how today, Evolutionary Theory is as valid as any other scientific discovery. The discovery of Black Holes in the universe is another of countless  discoveries which have yet to be seen but nonetheless represent reality in the Cosmos. These and others started out as unseen possibilities ,and later ,using  various slow processes ,their existence  has now been validated.

But what do we get from the clowns over at ICR? These jokers can’t really tell you if dinosaurs were on the Ark or were just part of animal creation on the fifth day of creation.

Ask them if you dare ,to tell you if dinosaurs went extinct  before or after   the flood.

If they have to ,they will include their own made up  possibilities    in their improbable and impossible narrations … just to keep the naïve and stupid hooked into their nonsensical pitch   for a literal six day creation week.  After all ,anything is possible if you wish to make up any story to include with your own twisted interpretation of the facts.

Ask them if you dare, to explain the different traits and characteristics we find in the various races and sub races of the human  species. Their  laughable explanation is that there is only one race called the human race; and the differences existing within the human family are no more than differences we see everywhere existing today in that some folks are just simply darker skinned than others .. some are paler than others ;some have different shaped eyes than others and so on…WOW!

What about the Pygmy people existing today in Equatorial Africa . Did they all  find short people to bear children with ?

Image result for pygmies photos

It’s very clear that all the highly trained know it all imbeciles, pitching their cleverly prepared deceptions onto  a highly susceptible gang of poorly  educated  simpletons  have never bothered to study human evolutionary biology; nor have they ventured to enroll in any of the Community colleges in America offering a basic course in  Anthropology 101..

And yet they come at their audiences in radio land with all the assurances of a sleepwalker , telling you things that are so  bazaar they could’ve only been concocted inside the brain of a   clever swindler.

What they have done is to degrade the beauty of the Gospel of the living Christ, and have in effect demeaned his redemptive power and turned the truth into something fit for a comic book series. I question their understanding  of the Gospel and why it is not bound to any literal translation  to  creation week .

It may serve a purpose for those in the Christian community inclined to trust these clowns, to know that when the Book of Genesis was written all that mankind knew about the natural world was false or inaccurate. Then, the brightest minds believed the Earth to be a flat disk  and the sky above was no further than an estimated 200 miles ; and was in fact hard ground  :hence  the word FIRMAMENT!. They believed the sun moved around the earth in a circle and those of other races were something between man and beast :cursed by God to live in filth and to serve demonic forces. And yet ,the clever swindlers over a ICR expect you to believe that Genesis is not only a great book of inspiring poetry   …it’s much more than that  ;they want you to believe that it is scientifically accurate  and can easily  serve as   an alternate science    textbook , dependable in all its varied dimensions.

Don’t   fall for it ,all these characters are clever  con artists!

This T REX is named SUE do you do? Waiting to board Noah’s Ark Encounter scam.. ALL ABOARD..  Special seating provided  at no additional charge.


This photo shows a top down view of a famous Tyrannosaurus rex specimen known as 'Sue' while on display at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. Sue is one of the most complete Tyrannosaurus skeletons ever found.

Recently I heard one of the major clowns of this organization ICR  speak on   REJOICE RADIO [RBN]which serves as a large tent for anyone interested in cheating the Christian public by radio .

It was the venerable old timer Henry Morris who delivered a 12 minute soliloquy on the  need for everyone to adopt the literal interpretation of Genesis and to regard it as highly accurate in terms of human biology and all natural science.

After he ended I could only think as to what was motivating this erstwhile charismatic and very amiable sounding elder statesman?

Was he just another fraud and clever con artist attempting to rip off the less astute of which there are many millions? The money is good and can easily be made by using various deceptions ;and was this just one  of them.?

I  did not know.. I’ll let others decide that issue. But based on what Mr. Morris was pitching to the RBN audience I truly believe that this gentleman   poses a great risk not only to Christian society but to humanity in general.. I also came away with the distinct impression that Mr. Morris is not only a peril in disguise but also poses a risk to himself and for that reason among others ,I urge that the authorities place Mr. Morris under   arrest for his own good. Possibly a padded cell with bathroom privileges only.

But this is par for the course for the big RBN  TENT   where this  type of stupidity is allowed to permeate throughout the Christian community. It’s time to  just say NO!

My Christian People:

It’s been many years since the scandals revolving around the Swaggart ministry of televangelism made headlines in America, and all over the world. The utter depravity and corruption that was part and parcel of Jimmy’s Christian revivalism became known, not only for the salaciousness of his sick and filthy escapades with hookers ,but also noted for the depth of his hypocrisy as much asthe scope of the vast wealth he accumulated during the course of his career as America’s best know Evangelist and preacher.
The sick encounters with hookers during his tenure as the fire eating ,condemning Bible overhead waving lying son of a bitch have become legendary.
The preacher with the syrupy sounding baritone voice who claimed to speak in tongues with the gifts of the spirit, also enjoyed the guilty pleasures of watching Debra Murphree ;a poor wretched 20 dollar whore masturbate ,while he sat in a green molded lawn chair in room #7 of the travel Inn motel ,located in New Orleans.

Given the huge amount of wealth the Swaggart family accumulated and the decadent lifestyles of Frances ,his wife and the evil son Donny ;and the callous disregard of those who trusted him and were willing to even leave their estates to his phony ministry ;to the extent of one elderly pair of sisters who inquired as to whether it would be a sin for them to commit suicide in order to bequeath the proceeds of their insurance policy for the furtherance of the Swaggart crusades and missionary outreach.
This was the extent of influence ,this filthy ,lying ,corrupted bastard had, over the gullible and half-educated in the Baptist/ Fundamentalist/ Evangelical happy clappy crowd in America ,and in other parts of the world.

My Dear Comrades: Do not believe for a minute that this demonic spirit that took a heavy toll on the Christian Faith community, has retreated. It still exists and it still is destroying the True Faith. While it has become less overt and much less flamboyant in the mainstream media ;it nonetheless operates in similar fashion to the Swaggart enterprise of clever deception ,of years ago.
The best witness of the ever-present demonic spirit of Christian fakery and evil corruption existing today, is to simply examine the twisted but very clever wealth accumulating and phony fund-raising operation known as THE REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK ,coming at you and scamming you all along the way from Pensacola ,Florida ;a mere short drive to Jimmy Swaggart’s hangout in New Orleans.

These scumbags have modified their money-making scams by using some very gifted and talented personalities who excel in theatre arts.
And there’s quite a few. From the professional senior citizen; Dr. Don Smith ,to the erudite sounding Craig Mattson ,the sly and deliberately naive sounding [the what do I know kid ] JIMMY MINTZ; and all the way to the lilting vocal sounds of Rhonda Autry and the girl next door sounding Bethany Crawford ; these scam artists have put together quite a conglomeration of gifted play actors ,collaborating together to trick,cheat and deceive the vast gullible audience in their listenership.

In addition you can hear contracted voices they employ, to round out their programming of superb scam and swindle. All of which play distinct roles and fill niches within the mindless and naive thinking among the millions of desperate to believe anything crowd.
Here ,you can count on hearing some real gifted pros in the cheat and swindle, take the money and run crowd ;growing richer by the day, in the evangelical leadership.
Venerable types such as ERWIN LUTZER ,who razzles and dazzles the morons in his audience who think this clever cheat knows something about Bible prophecy ;and then there’s Pastor John Dunlap. This sleazy sounding jackass has been tricking and exploiting the easy to trick crowd for decades. He pretends to have pastored a church but there’s no proof of this. All that we know about this bastard is that he’s available for hire. He’s in effect nothing but a cheap Bible whore selling his services to any outfit in need of a greasy and glib joker ,who is good at lifting wallets and talking all the silver-haired babes out of their social security checks.

THE SIMPLE TRUTH IS THAT REJOICE RADIO is just another gang of Jimmy Swaggart junior clones. READ WHAT MISHEL McCUMBER has to say about jimmy.

Mishel McCumber is a writer/researcher who worked as Webmaster for Jimmy Swaggart Ministries from 2008 to 2011. Her day to day dealings there brought her in close and frequent contact with the ministry’s major players and gave her rare, behind the scene glimpses of a ministry with far too many secrets. It was a ministry not only ravaged by greed, lust and hypocrisy but one driven to extremes to hide their dirty secrets from deceived donors at all costs.


For those of you who think Jimmy Swaggart’s peccadilloes in the 80’s permanently knocked him out of the televangelism arena, think again. With the launch of his SonLife Broadcasting Network, Swaggart is now pulling in roughly half a million per day during his monthly four day beg-a-thon. That sum does not include the donations that are called in, mailed in, or made online during the rest of the month. It also does not include proceeds from the mountains of books, CDs and Bibles that the ministry relentlessly peddles, or the untold millions Swaggart receives in rental income from his extensive real estate holdings.

Swaggart’s personal home sits on some of the most expensive real estate in the Baton Rouge. His estate includes three houses, a gazebo, a pond, and twenty landscaped acres. Swaggart once described his house as a modest two bedroom cottage. That, however, is a stretch even for a seasoned tale-bearer such as Swaggart. One of Swaggart’s bathrooms in his “cottage” boasts a four-columned Jacuzzi with a gold swan that spouts water into an eight foot long tub. The square footage of Jimmy and Frances’ house alone is 9,337 square feet. That’s some cottage! An unidentified Swaggart family member has placed the worth of the Swaggart’s three homes and surrounding acreage at 30 million. It sits across from the highly exclusive Baton Rouge Country Club which cost in excess of 40 thousand per year to join. Of course the Swaggarts are proud members. According to a report by John Camp, the investigative reporter who broke the original hooker story, Swaggart purchased the lot adjoining the one he already owned in June of 1985. That was less than a month after making a desperate plea for money from his television audience in which he claimed that severe losses were threatening the very future of the ministry. Swaggart said he was forced to buy the land because of death threats and the discovery of intruders on his property. “We felt . . . if the wrong people got that property, we would be in trouble,” he is quoted as saying. This of course is preposterous. How many people could afford a multi-million dollar property just to harass Jimmy Swaggart?

In 1985, the ministry boasted 150 million in assets including a DC3 jet once owned by the Rockefellers. Swaggarts also made frequent use of their condominium retreat, located on a private golf course about 15 miles from Palm Springs, California. Swaggart claimed the condominium was a gift but state land records tell a different story. According to those records the ministry bought the Condo for $280,000 in 1986.

Swaggart has never had trouble raising money. Much of the money for the building of Swaggart’s empire rode in on the back of questionable fund-raising. George Jernigan, Swaggart’s former Director of Finance, was fired in the 80’s for urging Swaggart to be frank in his fund-raising appeals. The controversy primarily centered on Swaggart’s misappropriation of funds gathered through emotional appeals in which pictures of emaciated African children were shown to garner the empathy of his Christian viewers. According to Jernigan, contributions were not going to the Children’s Fund but were being siphoned into the general account and used for building projects. Only pennies on the dollar were actually being spent in the feeding of starving children. The Advocate, the local Baton Rouge newspaper, rents a massive building (paid for of course by donor money) from Swaggart to the tune of a million and a half dollars per year. The college dormitories, also paid for by donor money, have long since been turned into apartments and rented to the public. The building of course is staffed with Swaggart’s non-profit employees. The old college sports complex is open to the public as a fitness center and staffed with Swaggart employees. The ministry print shop was built with tax-free donations and is said to produce the ministry’s various printing material. They run a business out of the same print shop called StarCom Printing. They use the ministry printing press to print CD covers for hard-core hip-hop bands and posters for area night clubs – all inconsistent with the values he claims he holds. The checks for work done by StarCom printing are made payable to Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and the shop is staffed with his non-profit employees.

It is evident that the ministry has again risen to power, funded in part by questionable real estate transactions and tax exempt donations from hoodwinked donors. A CNN Impact investigation lead by John Camp showed that from 1992-96, over half of the ministries income was gained through real estate sales and rental income; roughly 27 million out of a total of 54 million. This same investigation stated that the salaries of Swaggart, his wife and his son Donnie totaled $600,000 plus perks. It would be fascinating to know what they currently make, since the launch of SonLife Broadcasting Network. Yet even if Jimmy, Frances and Donnie have had no salary increase for the last 12 years, the current dollar value of that same salary today would be $884,577.44 annually, not including perks! That is more than the president of the United States makes! Yet they unashamedly urge their donors to, “give till it hurts”.

One of Swaggart’s more controversial dealings was with a man named Sam Recile. Recile paid over 2.1 million dollars to the ministry for options to buy the ministry-owned land now occupied by the Mall of Louisiana. The land was at the center of a scheme in which Recile swindled investors out of 16 million dollars. The highly publicized investigation into the ordeal eventually put Recile behind bars. The constant local news coverage should have alerted Swaggart to the fact that he was dealing with a con man. However the ministry continued taking money from Recile. At one point the ministry was receiving ten thousand dollars in cash per day from Recile in order to keep the land option open. This enabled Recile to continue his scheme and bilk even more money out of unsuspecting investors. Then, in 1996, at the same time Swaggart was making his on-air appeals for church van, the ministry bought a fleet of 5 Mercedes costing the ministry roughly a quarter of a million dollars. These cars were purchased just days after the 10 million dollar land sale of ministry property to the Mall of Louisiana. Swaggart claimed the cars were a gift from Clyde Fuller, a wealthy donor, but then Swaggart always did have difficulty telling the truth. According to motor vehicle records, the cars were purchased by Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and Family Worship Center Church

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